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Art is life. The first capsule collection of wearable art by Suzi Nassif has been launched this November. The beautiful art on many kimonos reveals cultural diversity, existential mysteries and emotions. It is unique and colorful. The artistic inspirations that have brought Suzi Nassif a superior status in the world of art is obvious through her wearable art collection.

Suzi’s love for life has been her motivation behind taking art off the walls and bringing it closer to people’s lives. The exclusively designed capsule collection of wearable pieces have been launched recently through an event at Coya Dubai where hundreds of fans were mesmerized by the creativity of her work. These statement pieces are available for purchase and could be had directly from The Art Cell in Dubai.

Suzi Nassif Art

Speaking about her new collection, Suzi said, ““My extensive travels have shown me the contrast between the acceleration of modernization in life and the traditions and legends of the past across different cultures – this is a central theme in my ‘Teatro del Alma’ exhibition at COYA Dubai. The dialogue between opposing mindsets and the authenticity and range of emotions we express are all sources of inspiration for these new paintings. The concept of wearable artworks enables collectors to experience and share my palette and encouragement of self-expression in an entirely new way, literally transporting art through their own journey. The diversity of COYA’s global influences and its focus on engaging all of the senses are among the reasons that my artwork fits so naturally into COYA’s surroundings,”

She believes strongly that art is about life and therefore, it should offer elevating experiences to people. She has numerous paintings of Dali and Farida and these two artists continue to be her greatest inspirations. More of her wearable art will be on her website for her fans to admire.

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