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I believe that everyone on the face of this planet has at least one portrait or abstract art paining mounted somewhere within his home. But, there are lot many with a good collection of artwork.

In living room or upstairs, or on the bare wall above your desk, you can fill up any space with art gallery effect. How come? A little tricky thing if you are new to it and obviously not an interior designer.

Prior to start, keep in mind that your customized gallery wall should reveal a nice flow and cohesive vision. Let me tell how a naked wall can be turned into an art gallery with minimal efforts and on-budget.

Collect the Artwork (abstract to surreal art)

First and foremost task is to get the artwork and that could be a costly investment. But, you can visit famous artist websites and place the order for paintings under your budget. Art galleries and art events in Dubai are also a source of art collections.

In collage, you can add your own captured photographs. Thanks to DSLR camera and Photoshop. But, for art gallery, keep the art proportion on high notes. While purchasing the paintings, bear in mind the fair idea of sizes you want to have on your wall. Avoid to go for too large.

Pick Colors (wall and frames)

Moving ahead, you need to choose the color for your wall as well as the frames. Either complementing each other or contrasting, it all depends on your aesthetics. Females usually go after calm and light shades while men appear to be bold and rough.

My gallery wall in the dining is all set on dramatically dark and rich damson shade. Light toned frames on it has brought an absolute epitome of stunning ambience. White and gold combination also looks nice. And, of course, black accentuates everything it comes along with.

Decide on Frames (wooden/metal)

In addition to artwork, frames could be the most expensive element of the entire project. Don’t drop the hope, IKEA is here to rule out this problem. It has huge collection of frames with fairly affordable price tags.

I purchased Ribba frames in different sizes and it was far less than I was worried to pay for good wooden frames. Metal frames will cost you more. If you have skills and creative enough, then you can make unique looking hardwood frames on your own and it will be a super cheap move.

Develop Layout Options:

Despite fixing frames randomly on the wall, create a layout first. And, before that, put your art pieces inside the frames and fit well.

For a rough idea about where to position your frames on wall, I would suggest you to build a painting gallery first. Appears little annoying but it’s essential to avoid the probable mess if you directly start fixing frames on the wall.

Using simple paper, cutout the shapes of all frames. Not tape these papers on the wall as you desire to have actual frames arrangement over there. You can sketch the outline directly on the wall using paper cutouts according to each frame’s size.

Now, as the scheme is ready, you can start hanging your framed art pieces.

 Appreciate Your Work!


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