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Are you an art lover and happen to be residing in Abu Dhabi? If yes then I take this opportunity to pledge you to postpone all your tasks from 9th of September till 11th of September as there is going to be a three day art exhibitions at Pop up Store in Abu Dhabi. Do not miss out as you will get a chance to not only meet Suzi F Nassif, the brilliant and versatile artist but you will also be able to see her incredible and unique art work there.

Suzi F Nassif has been participating in all the mega exhibitions across the UAE including INDEX Exhibition. She has emerged as one of the creative and brilliant artists. She is known for reflecting spiritualism through paintings and evoke emotions in viewers. You must attend the exhibition to find popular modern art by Suzi Nassif. For more information regarding Suzi F. Nassif and her artwork, please visit famous artist website and have a glimpse of her art work as well.