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Modern art painting ideas, you can go bold and risky in this space!

An idea or thought gives lead to the possible course of action. It is often generated with an intent and occasionally created unintentionally. What’s the secret of generating modern art ideas? Where do they come from? It is no mystery. The flashes of inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime. In fact the sources of painting idea exist all around us. All we need is to stay alert, open and receptive to potential ideas and then pursue them actively and with absolute focus. Here, we share some incredibly significant painting ideas to fire up your enthusiasm.     

Build the Habit to Paint Daily:

Practice is the backbone of improving your expertise in whatever you do. More you paint, the better you can get at it. So, paint daily and ideas will start flowing more easily. It is true that ideas usually come when your mind is at good rest, but they also come at unpredictable, busy times. For instance, you are painting outdoors, may be a landscape, and you observe something eccentric giving you a remarkable idea for a surrealist piece of art. Ideas flow more easily when you keep fueling your creative juices and for this you need to paint every day even for a short time span.       

Create the Fusion of Different Things:

There is no fix style in modern art paintings. Just try new and different things. Mix them up and this fusion will bring you more painting concepts. As you make connections in different things like painting mediums, techniques, color palettes, styles, and textures, etc., it will help in expanding your creative repertoire. Just be open to everything and you will start conceiving the innovative ideas.

Be a Well-informed, Keen Reader:

Be informed about the recent happenings in the world. Read magazines and newspapers, and focus on what’s important to you, thinking that how you can display it in a more captivating, persuasive way to captivate the viewers. Even the history books and journals contain the ideas and images that can magnet your soul and your mind begins creating a sound idea around them.

Travel and Capture the World:

Leave your comfort zone and dive into marvels of wanderlust. Travel as much as and as far as you can. No need to travel far, just come out of your immediate surroundings. Traveling is a gateway to observe new things and watching the old ones from an entirely new perspective. Keep your camera and sketchbook along with to record your observations. Capture the things that inspire you and do some quick sketches of your impressions you would like to pursue on return.

Experience Other Visual Arts:

One type of art informs and nurtures another. The seeds of creative ideas are nearly identical regardless of the area of specialty. So, navigate your interest in other forms of visual arts such a dance, musical and theatrical performances, museums, literature, and galleries, etc., to spark your own creativity. This works the best for unlocking your thought during the phase of creative burn out.   

Final Thought:

If you do not want long hiatuses in your artwork, then just get started and paint. As the work begins, you will be on the track of building new concepts and themes for your modern art paintings for sale.  As Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.

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