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If you are thinking to start oil painting and don’t know about how to begin then this article is for you. There are some oil painting materials that you may find confusing to buy. So, below we have provided the list of important as well as basic oil painting material you should buy as a beginner. Scroll down and check it out.

  • Oil Paints:

    The first thing to buy is oil paints obviously. However, as a beginner, you have a few different options for that. So, if you have just started oil painting then you can buy a pack of oil paints which contains majority of the colors you require. In case you know how to mix different colors together then you can begin with the absolute minimum colors and you just have to wisely purchase singular containers of some basic such as black, red white, blue as well as yellow paints. As a beginner, you can buy oil paintings tube of size 200 ml.

  • Paint Brushes:

    You don’t have to waste all your money and purchase each and every sort of brush at the time when you’re simply beginning with oil paintings. When you begin painting you will rapidly realize what shapes and sizes of brush you really want for your paintings, and what impacts you’re planning to accomplish. As just a beginner, a choice of maybe a small, large & medium round brushes is sufficient to teach you on what you need for the paintings in future.

  • Oil Painting Palette:

    A palette is an important thing to buy before beginning the work of oil paintings. It can be a plain piece of glass or any disposable plate or palettes that are very easily accessible at the art crafts store. However, as a beginner, make sure that it’s sufficiently expansive for what you’re doing as you may need a lot of space to mix up different paints.

  • Brush Cleaning Solution:

    While playing with oil paints, you don’t have to clean your brushes with water; rather, you must clean them with a mixture of some good mineral spirits that are known as paint thinning solutions. A solution known as “turpentine” is also a good choice for cleaning brushes.

  • A jar:

    While painting with oil paints, you’ll require some kind of vessel or container to store your brush cleaning solutions such as turpentine or mineral spirits. A medium size jar with silicoil in it is perfect for keeping your brushes clean. Containers or jars like these are easily accessible at all the art supply stores.

  • Old Newspapers and rags:

    After working on your oil paintings, you will also need rags and old newspapers in order to wipe all your used brushes and drying their bristles after dipping them in the brush cleaning solution. A few fabrics are also awesome for such purpose, yet relying upon how often you are using different oil paints you may get more mileage out of old plain newspapers

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