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Since centuries, painting is the widely appreciated art form no matter what type or style it owns. Today, we have conditioned ourselves to accept all panaches of art and found modern paintings a great way to dress up any space and environment. This is all because of thought-provoking nature of these paintings crafted by abstract to pop and surrealist artists.

Sometimes we have to look at the past so as to reflect on the present. And, tracking back the history of art culture in Arab region, UAE appeared as one of the iconic countries in this regard. Emirates Fine Arts Society (a non-profit organization) was established in 1980 to develop and promote fins arts and to nurture the young Arab artists specifically from U.A.E. During 80s, the culture of organized art events emerged on Dubai’s horizon. With the sponsorship of government and private organizations, art exhibitions in Dubai started to gain global importance within in less than a decade.

Dubai today, with dozens of art galleries and frequently arranged art displays, is soul of art scene in Middle East. Art events in Dubai like annually held Art Dubai endorses huge collection of abstract to surreal art. Arab artists like Suzi S. Nassif are greatly contributing to world of art and paintings in real time. Her paintings provide art lovers new ways to see and experience their very own reality out of the colors, forms and strokes on canvas. Artwork Dubai events have provided the regional artists pretty good chances to move beyond conventional perspectives and come head-on with the multivalent Arab identity.

Art galleries in Dubai are playing significant role in promoting traditional to modern art paintings. Portrait painting is the conventional type but adding different textures or merging the mediums give them contemporary look. The ‘World of Art’ is too wide and highly varied, and modern styles of paintings are just the tip of this iceberg. You need to dive deep to comprehend every aspect of modern art and paintings. Visit any art gallery or websites of famous artists, you will feel more knowledgeable of art and culture prevailing in different corners of the world.

Considering the cosmopolitan nature of the Emirate, Art events in Dubai are actually shaping up the society. This is because such events escalate the likelihood of people’s understanding and appreciation for culture and creativity.

The growth of the art sector is greatly influenced by fast pacing development of the city. Frequent opening of new art galleries in the city justifies this progression. Consistently rising demand and supply of artwork actually pushed Dubai’s art industry to move faster. Al Quoz and Al Serkal Avenue are more like Dubai’s art districts. Al Majlis Gallery is one of the oldest art galleries in Dubai and last year it celebrated 25th centennial.

For art’s sake, Dubai is now also hosting lots of art workshops, lectures and seminars to encourage artists and making them more proficient varying fields from paintings to sculptures, graphics, calligraphy and photography etc.


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