November 7, 2020
by developer

Wearable Art by Suzi Nassif, I Breathe Her

Suzi Nassif has recently launched her stunning wearable art collection. Six unique pieces that you may see even on her website, are designed with the prints of her major artworks named, Dalimortal, Her Majesty and His Ego, Desert Rose, Destiny of a Butterfly, I am Beautiful and I Breathe Her. Designed as classy kimonos, the wearable art is the talk of the town. It may add new charm to anybody’s style as the kimonos carry original art prints from signature works of the world famous artist, Suzi Nassif. The new art collection of wearable art by Suzi Nassif has been a great step towards innovation. It is a great way of making art closer to people and add value to their life.

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