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Art tells its own stories through the perception of artists. Every artist has his or her own niche and those who take portraits as their niche are able to convey stunning stories about people through their art. Portraits are reflection of people’s persona, culture, conventions and human nature. It depends on the perception of the artist how he or she highlights any of these features in his work and that’s where creativity and perspective walk in. Portrait artists in Dubai have been working with diversity in mind. With more than 200 nationalities living in Dubai the artists have a lot of different cultures to reveal to their audience. Therefore, each work of art presents something .

The portraits done with acrylic on canvas often present clever use of many acrylic painting techniques that portrait artists in Dubai have used through experimentation. These techniques set the artworks apart. They also allow the artists to make use of materials to convey different features in a portrait and highlight the uniqueness of each piece. Suzi Nassif is one of the great contemporary portrait artists in Dubai who makes use of non-conventional acrylic painting techniques by combining acrylic with gold leaf and dust in her art. This way of using the materials allows her to create moods and impression of a distinct nature in her art.

Suzi Nassif’s art sets her apart because of its subjects as well. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that subjects in portraits matter a lot because portrait is of a person and the subject in the portrait is going to stand out. Since Suzi Nassif is inspired by Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo and other artists she presents them in her portraits. Every amazing person in the world of art, drama and literature can be a subject in her portraits depending on how he or she inspires her. Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Iris Apfel, Monroe, Freddy Mercury, Amy Winehouse and many more are the subjects in her art. She presents these great personalities in sharp colors in acrylic on canvas. Her imagination blends them with surrealism and changes their situation or environment. She brings them to life in colors of her own to show her audience through her own lenses. She makes them unique and timeless.

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