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Although painting seems like a difficult task, but once you get hold of it, you go with the flow. All you need to know is the few basics that will be addressed here in this article.

If you have an interest in art, try to visit some art events in Dubai, and have a look at some abstract art yourself. Throughout the year there are many art exhibitions in Dubai, track them out and visit them.

Now, lets get back to the point. Any artwork requires 3 basic things in appropriate proportions and these are; color, texture and composition.


Most often the biggest disaster beginners make is to use too many colors as they start. Don’t do this ever. Go humble. Because you might not handle it properly.  Just remember, to begin with, you want a simple abstract art, and for that use less colors and see how successful your painting will come out to be.


As the name suggests, texture means how much of the paint you actually apply on your surface. Is it thick or thin? For getting a thinner texture you need to paint in washes that will bring out a flat effect. Always be consistent in your painting. Do not make one part thick while the rest thin and vice versa.


This simply means the position of the objects you paint. Their size and shape. And yes, their relativity to each other. Does this fit with that and so on.

How to Create an Abstract Art?

Now that you are ready to craft your own artwork, ask yourself, do you like a thick texture or do you prefer fine washes of texture?

Although there are many ways to create innovative abstract art paintings, we will discuss only one of it here.

  • On your canvas, create a textured background.
  • Your next step would be to use a ruler and pencil to separate different parts of the painting you wish to create.
  • Use as many horizontal and vertical lines as you want.
  • After that, use a black paint to bold out the outline on the canvas.
  • If you want, use thick and thin lines to make it more attractive.
  • Now mix different colors from your palette and paint.
  • Use alternative colors, try to leave some squares empty if you want.

See, creating an abstract art is not much tough. You do not want any specific shape or size. Paint the way you want. Just follow my advices. You can make the lines of different symmetry as well. It’s all up to you.

Keep in mind that for a successful painting you need to look out for the 3 things mentioned above. There needs to be a balance of all. Keep experimenting and you will soon come up with an extremely beautiful painting of your own. Keep trying and visit as many art events in Dubai and art galleries there as possible.


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