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Suzi Nassif’s most anticipated first solo exhibition for 2016 is actively going on in French Restaurant Petit Palais by Oliver in Lisbon, Portugal. In the event entitled ‘Sonnet of Every Breath’, she is showcasing her recently crafted and the best memorable acrylic paintings in Dubai.

Louis De Camoes, the Shakespeare of Portugal, with all its appealing mystique is also on the display besides Hagar-The Dream Catcher, Habib Frida and a few more.

Suzi Nassif has participated in a number of art events in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Lisbon etc. The ongoing exhibition is one-of-its-kind because it’s first ever she is presenting her artwork outside UAE as solo exhibitor. Moreover, she brings the paintings-mainly Facial Portraits for her fans that truly are the cream of the crop in her artwork.


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