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Surreal art aims to express, through verbal or written expression, the real function of thought and imagination. It is dictated by the absence of a control which is put forward through a reason, but is outside the traditional aesthetic or even moral preoccupations. It portrays the power of mind to make things possible in dreams and then displaying that success of achievement through an art display. One must not forget that surreal art follows no rules or conventions that are implemented in any society. It has no limitations or boundaries as such in expression. Thus it is an art that exists beyond imagination and presents things that are ‘unheard off’ before.

Some known expressions in the world of Surreal arts:

We believe that the main focus of surreal arts is on females and it depicts how women are viewed in surrealism as a focus. Surreal arts display women as an object of desire, fulfillment and ultimate achievement.

We observe that Surrealism often produces a visual feast for its audience. It uses bright colors and strong visualization of the objects, concepts and images which provides the paintings with an eye catching effect. However, the strange , oppressed and disturbing malformations of the people ,objects and the creatures often forces the viewer’s mind to think more about the overall imagery that becomes a big reason to look twice at the painting. This is a distinct feature of surrealism that it attracts viewer’s attention towards itself in a unique way.

While the contributions of the surreal art differs greatly, most of the  surrealists consider themselves not only the  individual artists but also the socially active people .Their continuous existence as a socialist appears through their work from time to time in the history of art. They would repeatedly intervene in politics, highlighting social causes and issues and touching upon passionately on the conflicts of society. Such an effort in the field of surreal art attempts to achieve a common social perspective by applying art as an indispensable tool to succeed in the struggle for human emancipation.

Another common expression we see in surrealism is to use poetic styles in order to create some dreamlike and fanciful stories that mostly defy logic. Instead of  incorporating the normal structures like linear plots or  structured settings, surreal arts applies the  poetic techniques, and generates  leaps in thinking through free association, presentation of abstract ideas and depiction of nonlinear timelines.

All in all, surreal arts is meant to be shocking and strange. It uses images and metaphors to compel the viewer to think deeply and reveal its subconscious meaning. The artists make an attempt to force their audience to dig into their unconscious and analyze what they may actually find. The basic aim of the surreal art is to take people out of their comfortable ideas and lives, so that they are made aware to the riots and issues of the world unknown to them before.