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To craft your own personal style is mandatory to stand out of the pack. If you cannot produce artwork in your own unique way, it will soon disappear from the scene. Portrait artists know the fact and though their line of action seems like something monotonous, but they do every possible thing to make it different and captivating. Using different mediums and adding variety of textures help them a lot. What to do when it comes to abreaction and surreal art. These two delicate art forms are little complicated especially for newbies. Beginners need to build their own style. How? Let’s have a look.

Don’t Restrict Yourself:

Go crazy with painting. To be one of the finest surrealist artists, you need to learn the basics first and then create as much art pieces as you want. Let the decision of good or bad for later consideration. Keep in mind, the more you create, the more perfection will add up to your artwork. This is the key to develop, evolve and grow your artistic style. Do not forget, it is a time taking endeavor.

Brace yourself and be honest with whatsoever flair you want to enter into your artwork to cultivate a unique style. It’s worth bearing in mind that consistent efforts and patience can do wonders.

Pursue What You Love:

Explore your love and passion. If you want people to fall into love with your creations, you need to do what you love deep down. It might happen that you decide to make some piece of abstract expressionism. But, suddenly a character pops up in your mind. Confused? What to paint now; abstract or portrait? Follow the strongest desire.

Whatever you love, whatever inspired you, just put that thing on the canvas. Don’t ever regret that you started something else and ended up with an entirely different thing. Embrace the odd elements coming your way in strange situations. It will support in your style building. You will get to know what your real passion is, and what you want in your style to stun the viewers.

Embrace The Change:

Be extra creative. If you refuse to change, you would be like a pond of stagnant water. Modify yourself, your way of thinking and eventually your style will turn out to be more exclusive. Your passion will remarkably take you high above the skies of success only if you let it modify.

Continue to chase your inner voice but don’t get overwhelmed of your standard style. For instance, you portray harsh and bold stuff in your surreal art and all of a sudden your heart says to give it a mild touch; a little shade of nature, a tone of flora etc. Don’t think much and just paint it. This daring act will allow to explore more aspects of your deepest loves and earnest passions.

Summing up, I would suggest the beginners to visit art galleries and famous artist websites to have fair understanding of their style. This way, you can avoid whatever is common in others.

It will help you think about what attributes you can add into your artwork that can set you apart from other painters.

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