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“For me, surrealism is in my blood; it’s not an effort”-Alejandro Jodorowsky

The term surrealism was coined by a French writer and art critic, Guilaume Apollinaire. He used Surrealism for the first time in his art play “The Breasts of Tiresias” for describing his new style of drama.

The history of Surrealism dates back to early 1920’s and is popularly known for visual artworks and writings of group members. Surreal art has been transformed into digital surrealism artist with the advent of technology taking over our lives for good. Surrealist art often makes use of dream imagery so that it better exhibits inner working of the mind. Have you ever dreamt of flying in the sky with your wings spread wide or you were a fish swimming in the sea? Surrealists make use of these images so that the viewer does not have to come up with a rational thought in order to understand surrealism.

Positive influence of Surrealism:

Let’s take a look at How Surrealism impacts one positively:

Surrealism is a pure form of entertainment and makes use of symbols as a way of telling a story. By symbols, a surrealist means objects that stand for emotions, ideas and events. For instance, a smile denotes happiness, tear denotes sadness, and an image of heart is a symbol of love.

Psychologists have found out that bizarre juxtapositions force people to make more use of their brain which in turn increases the brain activity and hence increases the amount they learn. It is claimed that being simple and straightforward leads to lesser engagement of brain and hence results in jumbling up of facts and time frame.

According to researchers at the University of California and University of British Columbia, exposure to surrealism accentuates the cognitive mechanism which leads to learning. According to the lead researcher, Travis Proulx, when people come across something that is harder to understand, they try harder to understand it. This inevitably leads to more learning and leaves a positive effect on your brain.

So, exploring digital surrealism will help your brain become more activated and you will be trained to make an understanding of everything that you come across and this will result in increased cognitive functioning and your brain will perform better at every task. So, surrealist art in a way is not only food for soul but also a food for brain which only seems to be mere moments of entertainment.

Future of Surrealism:

As surrealist art has already entered digital era and many artists have made use of digital surrealism to create remarkable work of art, everyone is quite hopeful about the future of Surrealism. I am hopeful that overuse of internet and social media for self-expression will keep surrealism alive and with the presence of remarkable artists who are taking great interest in surrealist art, surrealism is all set to reach new heights. Surrealist advertising is also quite common which will lead to more popularity of Surrealism in the future. Marketers are highly attracted to the idea of using digital surrealism as a way of enticing customers.

So, Surrealist art impacts a person positively and leads to a healthy brain. If you cannot visit a gallery any soon, simply have a look at famous artist websites and train your brain for better functioning.