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Art is one of the tools that shapes society and narrates aesthetically pleasing stories or stories that can make you go bonkers. There are different types of art that speaks different languages. We can see the difference in language when we compare the classical art form with the modern art form. But that is two art forms from two different periods. Did you know that you will find the difference in expression, the material used and so on and so forth when you compare art forms belonging to the same period such as surrealism and abstract art? Yes, you read it right, not too many people know that a fine line exists between surrealism and abstract expressionism.

The connections between the two art forms that is surrealism and abstract art is obvious and most of the time you will find the idea of spontaneity and a subconscious interest lurking around in both the art forms. But there are many famous surreal art such as ‘Guernica’ by Pablo Picasso and ‘The Persistence of Memory’ by Salvador Dali which depicts the differences between the two art forms loud and clear.

The kinds of art forms that we are talking about here are not just an art form but had also been an art movement. The abstract expressionism art movement began its journey in the 40’s and it kept running until 1952. Undoubtedly it was quite similar to the surreal art movement. However, many artists from the artist’s guild came together and let the world know that although both the art forms deal with the subconscious and unconscious mind the way of taking an attempt to work on it is different. The abstract expressionism art movement was about trying to attempt express feelings and not just skillfully creating images that you see in your life.

Surrealism is conventional in introduction whereas the abstract expressionism is over-romantic. Basically, surrealism tries to keep it reasonable and gathers sentiments to mean the refining of obvious truth through the individual vision artists. But one thing that is extremely sure here is the fact that both art forms are not meant for a wide range of audience. The abstract art form and the surreal art form both have taken the world by a storm and you can easily buy abstract art from the numerous art websites or art galleries or art auctions. Well, they say if there is a will there is a way and that is exceptionally true in case of buying art. If you want a particular art piece you just have to send words to the websites or galleries or wait for an auction to happen. Keep yourself updated with the world of art and you will definitely find a way to buy the art that you want.

A fine thin line between the surrealism and abstract art has changed a lot of perceptions. Similar in many ways and yet if you know the difference you will be blown away by it. So go on get some of the extremely popular art pieces!


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