by developer

Suzi Nassif has launched a new series of abstract art called Facets of Reality. This series is painted on Ceramic plates. This is not the first time in her career that Suzi has used a different medium for her art. She has painted many murals, some of which could be viewed in the luxury restaurant Coya Dubai and at the Jumeirah Beach. Previously, she launched her art in wearable form and the series became very popular. She has also launched her home décor series of cushions as well some time before. Now, in her newly  launched art series, she has painted some of the selected art from the Distorted Reality series on ceramic plates.

Suzi believes that art should not be limited to conventional mediums. Using various mediums as canvas works wonders as it makes art more visual and appealing to the audience. If we have art on the walls, it stays on the walls and it is at a noticeable distance from us. However, if we have art on ceramic plates, we may hold it and have it in different places in our rooms. We come in closer contact with art in this way. Using various mediums for art also allows the art lovers to connect with the messages in art in more than one ways.

Facets of Reality introduces “Embrace”, a piece of art that encourages its viewers to embrace their reality. It tells them to stop being idealistic and be realistic so that they could be comfortable with who they are in their present moment. “Do You Buy This” reflects upon the way the pandemic has affected us by creating an additional space of social distancing. “Grow Flowers in Your Brain” evokes love for beauty and colors. A world of fragrance, beauty and love exists in imagination, a person has to just fall back on imagination to let the brain reveal it.

Facets of Reality is a wonderful series that has earned appreciation from thousands of art fans during its exhibition at Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation during the month of February this year.