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With the commencement of 2016, world-famous venues including Petit Palais and Museu casa Medeiros e Almeida offered Suzi Nassif to inaugurate her solo expo at world’s most stunning places.

Suzi Nassif’s 14 acrylic painting are on display, until March 19th, at Petit Palais by Olivier in Lisbon, Portugal. She is presenting her portrait paintings appearing as if 14 rhyming lines of a sonnet. For this reason, she choose to title this solo exhibition as “A Sonnet of Every Breath”.

Her agent Mafalda Leitao organized the event. OJe jornal (economic newspaper) featured Suzi’s first ever solo exhibition beyond Middle East. Click here for complete story.

Suzi Nassif talked about her artwork and said, “Each painting breathe a different story, contemplate a moment in time with every emotion ever experienced whether in reality or in a dream… some faces I met, others I imagined and others I was influenced by… this is where the divine magic begins when I extract them out of my mind/soul and suddenly they become a colorful “Reality” that breathe different stories/memories yet the same rhyming breath”.

The ongoing expo is a perfect combination of a spectacular palace, the glamor of interior décor and the excellence of French cuisine coupled with contemporary portraits produced by Lebanese artist-Suzi Nassif.

The art events in Dubai are mainly faces and portraits in colors and some in black/white and in Acrylic medium with the same style (semi abstract/ impressionist), I always use to express or create an idea or a journey in a painting”, she mentioned.

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