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Coya Collective Art Event is factually a Cultural Gateway to Dubai. It combines an electric blend of musical and artistic flair with the conventional Latin American feel, the Coya Collective member’s club is a true lifestyle destination. And this November, Suzi S. Nassif is going to make rocking presence there with the finest cause of humanity.

This art event in Dubai is the true celebration of Coya’s ethos and beliefs where guests will not only take pleasure in fine dining but will also experience the cultural diversity. Coya Collective as signature movement endorsed the Latin American roots with their connection to art and music world. If you want to comprehend and enjoy how cultural diversity is greeted, you must visit Coya Collective Art Event.

Themed on ‘Movember’, this art event is intended to promote awareness about men’s health. Be the part of the art event and meet Suzi S. Nassif with her amazing art pieces. You must join Coya Collective art event going to be held in Dubai on November, 16.

To complement Suzi’s amazing creations of portrait paintings and some other, do not forget to delight in undiluted pleasure of art together with humanity cause to help the people in need.

Add 16th November to your calendar and join Suzi S. Nassif in member’s club. Get yourself relaxed and unwind in Dubai’s dynamic space whilst soaking up all that Coya Collection event in Dubai has to offer.