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Suzi Nassif uses symbolism in her artwork as each portrait that she creates usually exhibits a certain expression. Her intention is to invoke the feelings of those who are viewing her works of art to discover the real story that is behind her creations. Suzi Nassif says that she is passionate about observing the expressions of people in different situations but most of all she chooses to paint faces that appear to be too inquisitive. She says that the beautiful thing about painting faces that are inquisitive is that each expression is unique in its own sense. This therefore makes every painting exhibiting an expression to appear marvelous.

Eyes are windows to the soul, and when a person observes any piece of painting, the person is able to get a glimpse of the story that the portrait painting is telling. Suzi claims that she is able to read and interpret all the emotions of a person by just taking a look right into the eyes. For this, she clearly draws images that clearly show the eyes of the people she draw. For instance a look at the portrait of Amy Winehouse is just full of symbolic images. In the portrait, you can clearly see the eyes of the pop icon looking sharp and clear giving a sense that the departed music icon had tumultuous life even though she was very successful in her musical endeavor.

Here are also several guitars that have different colors that can be seen in the portrait all of which suggest that she was musician. The portrait also depicts Amy to be in a not so good mood wearing a red lipstick which in real life she actually liked to put on. On the side of the portrait, are bottles of alcohol drawn depicting how the artist must have really struggled with alcohol addiction? The alcohol bottles on the right side are shown in an inverted position over a wine glass.

The symbolism in Suzi’s artwork doesn’t just end with the portrait of Amy Winehouse but also in a number of surreal works of art that she created. A surrealism artist that she is, Suzi Nassif uses symbolism in her paintings to help drive her messages to viewers of her work. The other paintings where you will find she has broadly used symbolism are in her nude Sur-Reality acrylic paintings. Here are some of her works of nude Sur-Reality; Adam and Apple, Adam and Eve, Starry Dali, the Bull and the Beautiful, Floating on Nirvana, and the Night’s Kingdom. A look into any of these works you will find they are rich in symbolism. The works highlight a deeper meaning of a theme that the artist is communicating. A look at the painting “Adam and Eve” you can clearly see the apple and the serpent. Also Eve can be seen to plucking the apple when she is entirely naked with her breasts bare. Here the subtleness of the serpent can easily be seen and interpreted.

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