Best Pop Art Paintings by Suzi Nassif

Suzi just like most other legendary artists had a passion for art at a very young age. As a young girl growing up, she cherished every moment art class. Drawing and painting have been her passion ever since she learned…

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Lina in Wonderland by Suzi Nassif

Lina Cavalieri in Suzi’s Alice in Wonderland

Lina Cavalieri is a famous Italian operatic soprano, actress and is also a popular monologist. She has gained a huge fan base during those times. However, she still remains in the heart of many people with her amazing work that…

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Contemporary Portrait Art

Suzi Nassif is a contemporary portrait artist who has created numerous tremendous pieces of portrait artwork. Portrait art is a form of art that dates back to the ancient Egyptians times. This form of art has evolved over the ages;…

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Why contemporary art is taking the world by storm

Art created in the second half of the 20th or the present 21st century is considered to be contemporary art. These works present the ever-changing world with the aim of having a global and culturally diverse community being influenced by…

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Conventions of Surrealism Art

Surrealism art was a movement that started in Europe between the first and the second World Wars. It grew from the earlier Dada movement but its emphasis was on positive expression of a subject. It was a sort of reaction…

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Winehouse by Suzi Nassif

Amy Winehouse, Pop Artist, an Inspiration for Suzi Nassif

Suzi Nassif is one of the leading female pop artists in Dubai known for her amazing works of art that are loved throughout the world. She was born in Lebanon at a time when there was civil war and she…

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Winehouse by Suzi Nassif

Symbols in Suzi’s Art

Suzi Nassif uses symbolism in her artwork as each portrait that she creates usually exhibits a certain expression. Her intention is to invoke the feelings of those who are viewing her works of art to discover the real story that…

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New murals by Suzi Nassif invite creativity

About Salvador Dali Painting and Politics

Artwork can serve as a tool for political protest. In some instances, the artist aims at galvanizing solidarity with a group of protestors.  The artistic expressions of Salvador Paintings had an undisputed place in politics in his time. The enemies…

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contemporary portrait art

5 artists who popularized contemporary portrait art

Even though contemporary art is different from traditional artwork, the intent is the same. Overall, art is limitless from applying different brushes to incorporating various objects to a painting. In the 90s, the art galleries exploded with contemporary art. The…

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Pop art

4 characteristics of pop art you should know

Pop art not only influenced the wealthy in the 50s but also changed the culture. Pop art depicts objects (soup cans, hamburgers, and road signs) or scenes from day to day life using artistic techniques.  The word pop emanates from…

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