Terms And Conditions

It is hereby stated that the owner of the website reserves every right to make modifications or completely renew the terms and conditions of using the website. The visitors are advised to review the terms and conditions page on a regular basis as the new terms and conditions will be in affect from the time they are updated on the website. It is hereby stated that when you visit the website you are bound to abide by the updated terms and conditions of use and it is your sole responsibility to stay updated about present terms and conditions of the page by visiting the terms and conditions periodically.

Content Reusing, copying or selling terms:

It is hereby stated that all the content on the webpage including images, art work, logos and videos on this website are the individual and exclusive property of the owner of the website and is protected under copyright laws of the region and any use, sale or reuse with modification is strictly prohibited and will be taken seriously. Any infringement or breach will subject to laws of the region and will be dealt by the legal bodies of the state.

Please note that when you visit the website, we use the information regarding the time you spend on our website for making changes to our service and to enhance your experience for next time and to evolve as a better service provider.

It is hereby stated that when you choose to share your personal and identifiable information with us, we protect it earnestly and keep it confidential. We do not share the personal information that you provide us with any third party for marketing or any other purpose. It is advised to visit our privacy policy page for further details.

Any new product or content added to the website at any point is subjected to the terms and conditions as soon as it is displayed on the webpage.

Payment terms:

Owner of the website reserves every right to refuse to sell any of the artwork without any clarification or justification. The owner further reserves the right to cancel any order that has been placed on owner’s website at any point of time. Owner further reserves the right to change the current price of a certain product.

We do our best to display the colors as correctly as it is possible but the exact display depends on the screen of the owner’s electronic device that is used to access the website. The owner of the website is not responsible if the colors do not appear accurately on the visitor’s screen due to his device’s settings.

By choosing to make a purchase you agree to not make any illegal use of the product that the state or region does not allow. Owner cannot be held responsible for any illegal use of the art work that a particular region might not allow.

When you choose to contact us for a purchase, you agree to provide true information including your contact number and address and not attempt to impersonate someone.

Shipment, refund and replacement:

The owner cannot guarantee to provide shipment in every region or country. The owner of the website reserves the right to put a limit to the number of units for shipment in any particular region.

The payment has to be made in advance and the shipment process takes a week. The product cannot be returned in case it does not come up to the expectations of the owner. The product can however be replaced if the order is mistakenly exchanged with some other product or is damaged during shipment process. The replacement however is subjected to conditions set by the owner prior to purchase. Read the invoice carefully.

Keep on checking the user terms of services to avoid any issue later on and if you have any issues, feel free to contact us! We look forward to a great relationship with our customers and welcome you to visit our webpage!