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  1. ‘Interchange’ happens to be the most expensive painting in the world ever created and sold. The painting was drawn by an artist named William De Kooning. It was bought in 2016 by Griffin for a whopping $300 million. A fine art work of oil on canvas, the painting was drawn in 1955.

  2. ‘When will you marry?’ (Nafea Faa Ipoipo?) is a world class oil painting which was originally drawn in 1892 by the French painter Paul Gaugin. Qatar Royal Family bought the masterpiece in 2015 for $300 million. The painting is an oil work from French post-impressionist era.

  3. ‘The card players’ is the third most expensive art work on canvas that was ever created and sold. The painting happens to be the first in the five-series paintings that depict the working class pastime in the post-impressionist France. It was painted during the 1890s and went for sale for $259m in the 90s.

  4. Number 17A’ by Jackson Pollock is at number four in the list of the most expensive paintings ever sold. Billionaire Kenneth C Griffin paid an incredible amount of $200m to add this to his collection of paintings. This work is a piece of abstract art and was drawn in 1948.

  5.  (Violet, Green, and Red)’ was sold for $186m to a Russian Billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. The painting is said to be expressive of the artist Mark Rothko’s depression that led him to create this abstract expressionist art work. It set the record for being the most expensive painting ever drawn in the U.S history.

  6. ‘Pendant Portraits’ is counted among the most expensive and mind blowing works of art ever created and sold. Drawn by an artist called Rembrandt to celebrate the wedding of a couple that took place in A.D 1634, the painting was sold for an incredible amount of $180m.

  7. ‘Les Femmes d’Alger’ or ‘the version O’ by Pablo Picasso went for $179.4 million to Libby Howie, a world renowned art dealer for a private collector from Saudi Arabia. The painting happens to be the final in a series of paintings drawn by Pablo. At present, the painting is owned by the Qatari Prime Minister.

  8. ‘Nu Couche’ is a painting depicting a naked woman lying with her head resting on a pillow. The painting was finished by an Italian artist Amedo Modigilani a hundred years ago from today in 1917. In November 2015, the painting was sold for $170 million.

  9. ‘No 5, 1948’ is a famous painting drawn by an American abstract expressionist artist. Originally, the painting was drawn on the fiberboard. Liquid paints were employed to finish the work. The painting has exchanged a couple of hands before being sold to a Mexican investor for $163m in 2006.

  10. ‘Three studies of Lucian Freud’ is a famous art work by Francis Bacon, one of the finest painters in the world. The painting was bought by Elaine Wynn for 142.4 million pounds.


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