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Suzi Nassif is a renowned portrait artist with a humble beginning in the Mediterranean nation of Lebanon. Her artwork is intriguing, beaming of life, and usually communicate something either hidden or personal. Originally, Nassif came from Lebanon but now she is settled in Dubai where she is currently engaged witha her art.We now take a brief look at some of the portrait artworks by this talented artist from Lebanon who is now settled in Dubai

1.Black and white art
Black and white pieces of artwork by Suzi Nassif are beautiful as she offers original paintings at prices that are fair and great. Black and white pieces of artwork came early and were the ones common before color was introduced. Suzi Nassif offers lots of black and white pieces of artwork to her customers who end up content with what they have purchased from her. Art that is crafted from black and white is a great way for an art lover to add timeless feel to a space at home or even at the office. There are various black and white art pieces by Suzi Nassif that you can easily find from her official website. If you wish to find black and white pieces of artwork by this talented artist why not visit her website and sample some of her works?

2.Winning the Leonardo Da Vinci Art Awards
When the Leonardo Da Vinci Art Awards were organized in Florence, Italy in January 2015, Suzi Nassif was invited. The awards celebrated the revival of art in modern times and amazingly Suzi Nassif won the Universal Artist Award for her black and white portrait. Indeed she stood tall amongst the other many artists from other countries that participated at the art event. Suzi Nassif remains a famed contemporary portrait artist with a creative mind that springs to life and she has become a favorite for many art lovers from across the globe! Mostly she uses acrylic as her primary medium for which she does has artwork.

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