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International Design exhibition (INDEX) celebrated its 25th anniversary and the local and international exhibitors were given an opportunity to showcase their products ranging from interior house designing items to products that can be used to decorate offices and corporations. It featured brilliant paintings, kitchen furniture, room furniture, kitchen equipment, commercial furniture, decorating items lightning objects, sculptures and textiles.

The exhibition helped budding artists to get inspirations for their upcoming design projects and people from different backgrounds had a better understanding of abstract art and interior decoration. They took special interest in INDEX Design talks theatre. The live art and artists avenue features was a power house of creativity.  Another special feature of the event was exclusive handicraft from Morocco that offered personalized calligraphy.

The exhibition was a phenomenal success and attracted immense number of visitors from all walks of life who connected with over 700 suppliers. Impeccable organization of the event and memorable experience at the exhibition contributed heavily to its success. The INDEX art exhibition in Dubai has always been a success whenever it is organized and over the years it has increased its number of attendees.

Driven by her passion from a very young and early age, Suzi F. Nassif took multiple courses in graphic design and photography. Expanding her horizons even further, she also displayed her breath taking artwork at INDEX exhibition where art work lovers and enthusiasts showed keen interest in her paintings as the paintings clearly communicated feelings of the artist on the canvas. The paintings depicted countless expressions that brought life to paintings. Most of her displayed artwork was acrylic on canvas painting.