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In the past few years, reverse glass painting has gained a lot of popularity among artists from all around the world. It is also one of the popular art form used by many artists to create their masterpieces. It is quite unlike a canvas painting. Reverse glass painting technique usually requires an artist who has the ability to paint from back to front, in other words you can say in reverse order. The difference between canvas painting and glass painting is that in canvas it is painted on the same side, which can ultimately be viewed by people, while in reverse, the side, which is painted, becomes the rear side while the other side is viewed as the final art piece.

As it is obvious from the concept, that reverse glass painting is not only different from other forms of paintings but also much tricky than others too. There are many skillful painters of this type of art form, who usually make various masterpieces out of this particular art form with their enhanced skills.

Things to Consider Before Performing Reverse Glass Painting

Below are some of the things that can help the beginners of this art form to create their own personal reverse glass painting:

  • Always start a reverse glass painting by creating a subject on one side of the glass. You will have to be extremely careful while performing this task as everything you draw on the glass will be a mirror image of the actual subject. Hence, you will have to be extremely careful during detailing of the subject and its portrayal.
  • Make sure the glass you choose for painting is flawless and scratch free. If it is not, the subject will not be able to have a clear image. Moreover, also try to use a dust free and clean surrounding area to perform this particular artwork.
  • Make sure you perform this artwork in a methodical manner as creating reverse glass patterns as glass is a non-absorbent paint material therefore, it will take a long time for the colors to dry. Moreover, it is also a kind of tricky task to create mirror images on a glass therefore; you will require a lot of concentration and most importantly patience while creating glass-painting designs.
  • Try to use high and durable quality paintbrushes for coloring and sketching to perform this particular art form in an effective and flawless manner. If you perform this artwork with durable paintbrushes, you will be able to ensure yourself the smoothness of every stroke each time you draw or color the glass.
  • Make sure you keep the glass in a safe place and far from the reach of children and pets. It is because this particular artwork has to be handled with care, before and after its completion.

It is beneficial for you to buy a glass painting kit rather than buying individual painting stuff like for instance paintbrushes, liners, transparent paints and many more. The painting kit is actually a combination of all necessary items, which you require to perform a glass painting.