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Oil paintings are beautiful indeed and it takes longer time for a painter to complete an oil paint work. According to art collectors “it may take days and sometime weeks’ time for getting it dry” but what if someone needs to get the dry job a little bit quicker without hampering its glamour and opulence of colors? It is rightly said that “if there is a will there is the way”. A few tricks are shared here to get the drying process quite a bit faster than usual.

Using Drying mediums: learn from experts

Famous artists of Dubai and UAE mostly maintain their exclusive websites for asserting their online presence and display of stunning abstract expressionism. These famous artists websites often offer different tips of mastering oil artwork for sharing the world his mastery over the genre. According to one such expert’s opinion, using recommended drying mediums like alkyd mediums, lead dryers, cobalt dryers as well as turpentine can initiate faster drying. However, there is still a “but” hidden in the clue. The use of these chemical dryers has to be skillful so that the oil work retains its glamour while getting dried faster.

Environment plays a vital role

Airy environment speeds up faster drying of an oil painting. If you can make a tour in famous oil artwork galleries or studio of famous artists you will surely find that the oil works mostly are kept in airy ambiance. Visual comfort is a significant factor here, but you can be sure that the latent intention of the artist is to maintain a dry atmosphere to keep the paintings in perfect condition.

Learn the color magic

Want to buy abstract expressionism enriched oil paintings fresh from the art studio? There are several quality options in downtown Dubai but you need to learn the color properties first. If you have a soft nose for white-black based artwork in oil base, spend two minutes time with the artist or gallery owner: type of the color makes a difference. According to experts, Ivory black and titanium white tends to dry very slowly but colors like lead white and burnt umber gets comparatively faster drying.

Use of fast drying paints

Modern artists are quite professional now and they often take the help of modern fast drying paints for initiating quick drying of their oil artworks. For example, use of acrylics, watercolor, and gouache as well as use of digital painting can offer faster result in drying process.

If you have to place your order for completing some oil paintings at faster turnaround time, you may suggest your painter to use these fast drying stimulators. You can be sure about good result from the other end.

Now here comes the real staff. With all these tips applied and mastery of tricks on, it may take 7-15 days to dry an oil based art work. Next time when you will be ordering to buy paintings in Dubai, don’t get fastidious about time line! You have to allow some time or getting the oil color base properly dried. You may discuss with the artist all the ways discussed here but you must know by heart that oil painting will take some time than anticipated to get properly dried!


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