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Art collectors have been known to shape the history of art for a while now and all over the world, this has purely graduated from a crazy and known hobby to an actual well- paying occupation. There are various tips that can be passed down to various art collectors (hopefully this might help with the increasing competition) globally and they do include:

  • Make it fun; “Work with no play makes Jack a dull boy, “(as is explained by the known English proverb and the known language ancestors) in this line of business is again usually treated as a hobby. The process of discovering, bidding and buying a piece of contemporary portrait art is an exciting and reforming experience .this factor does not change during any point of transaction no matter how big or small the budget is.


  • Pop ups: The pop up experiences are the most elevating of all, galleries usually move into empty spaces or at times the streets to show a rare piece of art can be or might be appreciated. This allows the collectors and galleries to immense themselves into the “everyday “life of an area and this process encourages a completely different audience each time. The attending of various events again raises the appreciation and the exchange of rare pieces.


  • Appreciation: We should be in a position to work well with other collectors, artists and museums. Through this customers are able to understand and also rate and grip with the way in which the work is valued and priced. For better appreciation get in touch with other art collectors, art lovers and artists in art events in Dubai.


  • Trust your instinct: this one is for the new collectors, that have a sincere passion for art.The tip might be divided into being brave and discerning ,  looking for something rare and beautiful  usually ends with great satisfaction for both the museum and future generations  of collectors.


  • Quality of the art: the more you collect might be the richer and famous you can become. This might come with different consequences, the appreciation of the quality of a rare piece of art is obviously better than the quantity or number of pieces you own not forgetting the issue of fraud and corn artists.


  • Join groups; This was well emphasized by the Vogue magazine, there are different types and many collectors across the globe it won’t hurt to create or join a group that might help you exchange ideas and appreciate the lifestyle more. You will find many local groups of contemporary portrait artists and art collectors.

Even for the more experienced and well known collectors, it wouldn’t hurt to join a group and teach or train the young collectors on tips and the what to do’s and what not to do’s. The culture of art and work collection did indeed start before you and will continue even after you, the least you can do is enrich the art-collection world and make it better.

It is by the above and well-illustrated tips that we hold hope that we might have slightly changed the way you look at art and are now ready to join the art collection world.


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