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There are a huge number of artists around the globe who desire to immortalize their artwork so that people could remember them years later even after their demise. In order to fulfill that purpose an individual should publicize his artwork so that it could be recognized among the lovers.

  1. First of all if you think that your artwork is commendable and you want to get it noticed by famous art dealers all that you have to do is make your artwork marketed through social media and now a days all the artists have their own websites on to which they display their master pieces. Social media is a platform where anyone around the globe can go through your art and could reach you easily.
  2. Art auctions, most of the galleries arrange auctions which gives you an enormous opportunity to display your artwork to a large amount of audience which comprises of personalities who have a love and a good sense of art. Once your work gets noticed by a famous personality, you could reach to the top through such sort of auctions and displays. You can also increase your interactions among the dignitaries of the respective field, these auctions are advertised and visited by many artists who may also help you to improve your counter parts.
  3. Top galleries who exhibit work of unknown artists, every city have some top galleries who exhibit the work of unknown artists in order to do something new which is the best opportunity for an artist to make his artwork noticed. All you have to do is to visit these galleries and try to develop more interaction with the art dealers. If they find your work to be efficient then this is the platform that would prove itself to be the most beneficial for your career.
  4. Dubai arranges the world’s biggest expo for modern art paintings in which an artist can display his masterpieces. It is being visited by the most decorated and top art dealers presenting one’s art on such a broader platform would never end up in anything less.
  5. Artist should be open minded and enjoy the process growing at expositions, and conventions are the best ways to meet up and network top galleries around. Have a nice package to give to the people to take with them and take their contacts as well to stay in touch. Send out news each month on activity and let them know that you are thinking about them as potential reps to your work. Staying in touch is the most important thing and you can do this through twitter posts, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts etc. Use all of your Social Medias. An individual should place reasonable pricing on to his work as it would have a positive impact on the dealer so he would refer or make your work more publicize.

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