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Art has since evolved greatly over the years; I personally think art is all about perception. What can be beautiful to one can be bizarre to another. Art has never been known to have any limitations, from the different paint brushes used to drawing on canvas to incorporating other small objects on paintings, art can simply be considered simple and yet very beautiful. Gone are the days where people used to seat for hours on end pausing for a painting or a drawing. All that has simply been replaced by one click of the camera thereby making traditional art not appreciated as it used to be. Contemporary art is quite different from traditional art but the motive behind it remains the same, expression. It has always been used as a way to express your feelings and emotions and to some people clutching a paint brush and allowing your hand to make different brushes over a canvas is simply magical and can be termed as therapeutic. A lot of artists can argue that contemporary art is not as passionate as what the Great Picasso painted and to some point amateurish but here are a few reasons why contemporary art is cool.

  • Learning PlatformContemporary art acts as a learning platform it inspires new artists and promotes creativity. Art in different parts of the world is easily exhibited globally thanks to the use of internet. With this mind, art for sale in Dubai can easily be seen and bought by an artist in Africa and enhance a learning platform for everyone by interacting with the artist through a video chart.
  • Expression – Art has always been a way of self expression by artist in the old times to the modern contemporary artists today. It has been known to take people through grief, depression and difficult times. With it acting as an outlet, a healthy personality is born especially with the youth who tend to have a better hold of their EQ as they grow.
  • Critical and Innovative thinkingContemporary art will give rise to research especially when the artist wants to come up with the very best. This way innovative and critical thinking will be developed especially when they implement ideas from different artist all over the world and try to come up with a unique imprint.
  • Diversity – With the aid of the internet, artists from all walks of life tend to exchange ideas and this way they learn about the others cultures and beliefs. This encourages diversity in art all over the world as well as acquiring of knowledge.
  • Changes Perception – Contemporary art changes how we look and perceive different things in life. It encourages taking in of different out looks on life and challenges one to empathize as well as look at life in a different way.

Contemporary art is a day to day adventure; it encourages artists to come up with creative pieces that will simply outstand the hand of time. Thanks to the internet art in Dubai that is up for sale can be accessed by anyone in the world.


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