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Abstract expressionism is a key movement that was started in the American Painting during 1940s and started to take the place of Western Painting, which was wooing the painters till 1950s. There are many professional abstract painters who experimented extensively about this type of painting. There include Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, etc. Abstract expressionism will not describe about the body of work that is done by the artists, but is a movement where different painting styles are used with different techniques and way of expressing things. The abstract paintings will explain the forms that are not from the world you are seeing. They express the emotions. This type of painting is based in the New York City. These paintings are totally inspired by the surrealistic ideas that come from the unconscious mind. You can buy oil paintings in Dubai at the best price.

This type of artistic movement was started in the 20th century, which comprises of different styles and techniques and mainly focuses on the artistic liberty to express emotions through the means that is non-presentational and non-traditional. This type of painting has seen a lot of growth after the Second World War. This is also known as the New York school. The best thing about the abstract Expressionism and suzi nassif paintings is that, it allowed the artists to deliver feelings and emotions without worrying about the public thoughts. The public are not ready to accept the works of the artists and they are reticent to it. However, this did not stop the movement of freedom to express the thoughts of the artist.

Here are a few features of abstract expressionism

Huge scale of works

The abstract paintings are very big and you can see a few heroic figures that are painted in the 18th and 19th century and is done on a big canvas or comprised of different canvases to show one work.

Perspective of the artist

The movement does not stick to just one style, but there is a strong message that is presented by the artist through this painting. The messages and emotions that are portrayed are a significant part of this painting. This type of painting either has the feelings of the artist or the viewer.

Totally inspired by surrealism

Abstract Expressionism is totally based on the surrealism and presents that the art has to be created either spontaneously or through the subconscious actions. Instead of sketching or rendering a piece of art, the artists will just paint their feelings in a flow and show their openness of their mind to paint.


The era of this type of painting has put a lot of strain on the society, especially on the people who think freely, i.e., they can stifle and limit. This painting style has opened the doors for the artists to paint their feelings and thoughts freely without worrying about anything. They can paint their thought rather than the things that are visible in the world.

Different colors

The artists are not interested to paint something that is visible to them. They would like to experiment with the colors that they are put on the cerebral element.


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