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In the history of art, women have been viewed as objects or subjects in the eyes of men but with the rise of female contemporary portrait art experts like Suzi Nassif, there is a shift in this perception. Art positions women as iconic. It allows the world to understand how beautiful it is to be one. Fashion as featured through art appears to be a way of presenting women as unique and iconic.

If you think fashion cannot be regarded as art then Suzi Nassif’s wearable art will convince you otherwise. This article reveals awesome masterpieces of wearable art by Suzi Nassif. The great thing about Suzi’s wearable art is that she intends to make a statement with her unique creations. She has successfully launched her first capsule collection in an event titled Teatro de Alma in November 2019 (at COYA Dubai) where she took her work beyond the canvas. Her statement pieces are available online for purchase at reasonable prices. She has won various awards for her portraits. Her work has also been featured in A&E Magazine.

Wearable art has allowed Suzi to become one of the outstanding innovative portrait artists in Dubai. The masterpieces continue to push the boundaries for her creativity. The visual language and narrative of Suzi’s artwork encompass cultural diversity, emotions, and self-expression. Even just walking on the streets inspires Suzi.  If you are interested in creating an ultimate fashion accessory look no further than Suzi’s new wearable.

Suzi Nassif has built her contemporary portrait art skills over the years. Her strength is that she can combine Latino-inspired canvases and wearable art and that is what makes her work unique. She can engage her audience in novel ways.

Significant factors about Suzi Nassif wearable art pieces:

  • They are unique in design and print to envelop any figure.
  • The artwork is a reflection of her emotional world
  • It reflects her knowledge in contemporary portrait art

Here are some examples of Suzi Nassif’s wearable artwork:

DALIMORTAL WEARABLE ART: This is Suzi Nassif’s specially designed Kimono with a portrait of DALI. Suzi is constantly inspired by famous pop artist Salvador DALI.  Her subject is Dali.

DESERT ROSE WEARABLE ART: This wearable art is perfect for the stylish modern woman. The kimono is suitable for many occasions like weddings valentine, bridal shows and much more. Desert Rose is comfortable in hot weather.

HER MAJESTY AND HIS EGO WEARABLE ART: Her majesty does not feel like conventional Kimonos. The colors are beautiful you will love the design. The craftsmanship is highly valued. You can pair this Suzi’s gorgeous work with tights, skirts or jeans.

I AM BEAUTIFUL WEARABLE ART: You will love the artist’s vision, tool of expression and tone if you are looking for a simple kimono with lovely colors. It is pretty with a flattering design. You have plenty of room for movement. What’s more, it makes you look expensive and fashionable.

She has taken her contemporary portrait art off the walls and brought it closer to people through wearable art. Her works bridge her as the creator with her audience. She uses her visual and written resources to design and produce the dress images. In summary, if you are an art lover you can’t help admiring and appreciating Suzi for her work.

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