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Drawing and painting are characterized as two types of art. Drawing and painting share the common tree of art, nevertheless there are many differences between the two. It has been observed that the prerequisite of painting is drawing, nevertheless both drawing and painting can also be done separately. The main differences between drawing and painting start from their base mediums on which these are drawn or painted. Furthermore, thick oil mediums are used in paintings as compared to thin dry colors of drawings and that is why people prefer to buy oil paintings.

Salient Features of Drawing

Drawing is based on shades and lines. Drawing is done by artists on dry papers and there is no need of oil to draw something. The most important tools of drawing are pencil, charcoal and crayons. Furthermore, there is no need of palette to draw something on a paper. The artist just need to draw on a paper with pencil and crayons and the drawing he uses sketching techniques to draw.

Drawing is done on paper and the tools used to draw are dry and that is why there is no time needed to dry a drawing. Due to this property of drawing, an artist can take as much time as he needed to draw a masterpiece of drawing. He can draw according to his creative ideas and he feels no restriction of time. Furthermore, Drawings can be rubbed and molded as needed because you can easily rub a pencil mark on a paper. Additionally, there are no brushes needed for drawing, but some kinds of drawing need scales and specific equipment.

Salient Features of Painting

Painting is described in terms of colors and designs. There are several categories of painting, including, canvas painting, oil painting, acrylic painting and water color painting. All these categories are differentiated on the basis of colors and mediums used in them. Unlike the drawing, painting needs a specific time to dry and after that, you cannot alter the painting. Once a painting is dry, any attempt to change it can destroy it and even the original form of painting cannot be restored after alteration. Some painting mediums like oil paintings need more time to dry and that is why, the artists get more time to change and think upon their creativity.

For this very reason, oil paintings are in demand from many years and more people buy oil paintings as compared to watercolor or acrylic paintings. Artists need brushes and color palettes for all type of paintings. Moreover, different brushes are used for different colors in order to avoid mixing of color in the palette and further in the painting. Painting equipment are expensive as compared to drawing equipment. The art galleries hold exhibitions for drawing and paintings, nevertheless, paintings are in trend from many years. People preferably buy oil paintings to beautify their houses and embellish their walls. There is a clear difference between painting and drawing and these differences also impact the choice of people.

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