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If you are a fan of Dali and you have been seeing him in Suzi Nassif paintings you must read this article.

Dali uses arbitrary things such as telephones, clocks, and bicycles to produce his artwork. The symbols represent both Suzi’s and Dali’s fears

#1Melting clocks

Melting clocks according to Dali represents the metaphysical image of time devouring itself. Time itself becomes timeless. In the Persistence Of Memory masterpiece, there are 4 clocks displaying in an empty desert scene. Though the clocks photographic quality is incredible, the meaning seems illogical. In his paintings, he shows that time loses its power and stability to the world around it. Suzi Nasiff conceives her DALIRYN’s masterpiece painting on acrylic canvas from Dali’s Persistence of Memory. DALIRYN depicts a legendary dialog between two bigwig artists Marilyn Monroe and Dali. A soft watch means time in itself is relative.

#2 Telephone

The telephone symbol Suzi uses in FRIDALISM painting…Dali did a series of canvases with telephone symbols, for instance, the Lobsters and Telephone and Telephone in a Dish. Dali happened to visit a friend in 1936 while they were feasting on lobsters at the same time tossing the shells one landed on the telephone. He instantly saw an analogy for the telephone device. In the Telephone and lobster imagery, he draws an analogy between food and sex.

#3 brightly colored Lovely roses

In Suzi Nassif’s FRIDALISM painting, she uses roses with bright colors to signify the beauty of life. Dali used The ROSE flower as a female sexual symbol featuring in most of his paintings; however, in Rose Meditative painting he seems to be appealing to a much wider audience.

#4 the skull

Dali collaborated with Philippe Halsman to produce iconic 3-hour skull shot with female models. The picture was indeed insane looking. Amazingly, the Dali’s skull art which reminds humans that death is ultimate has found its way in cover magazines and tattooed on people’s bodies. Suzi in her artwork DALIMORTAL she has two objects a picture of Dali and a colorful skull. According to DALIMORTAL painting, even though death is evitable Dali’s skull is covered in colored roses to signify beauty and life vitality even in death.

#5 Women

Suzi Nassif paints famous women such as Frida Kahlo, Cleopatra, and Aida to display their strength and passion. Her artwork FRIDALISM is an inspiration by two artists a feminine figure Frida Kahlo and DALI. Suzi uses striking colors on Frida’s images with red, gold, and green colors. Dali spent a bit of time in New York City where he gained a considerable number of audience and market. In Dali’s artwork DREAM OF VENUS, he staged some his erotic female objects under water. In fact, some of Dali’s sponsors objected to his semi-nude objects, live nudes, or bizarre imagery.

# Moustache

Ordinarily, Dali’s mustache reached the corner his eyes. The mustache became the most famous pieces of hair in art history and most of his masterpieces. The mustache unbelievably was part of his language. At one point in time, he said: “he discovers the mustache serves as his ultra-personal brush”. Suzi Nassif included mustache in her painting to feature famous male icons such as DALI in her paintings.

Finally, both Suzi and Dali’s audiences enjoy their artwork because of how they blend their objects to convey their story on the canvas. Well, the artists use recognizable things like clocks, mustache, skull, roses, and telephone.


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