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Art is quite broad and for any art collector or any amateur artist who is looking to make a splash in the market there are a few things to know about abstract expressionism art.

  1. History – Abstract expressionism art was founded in the 1940s in New York. It has commonly been known as the first US style to make a splash in the art market worldwide. It had famous artists such as Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline. Most of the artists who were well known in the early makings of this style were immigrants, who were either fleeing their countries because of instability and unrest or simply looking for better and greener pastures.
  2. Expression Art – From its origin, abstract was considered a way of expression on canvas. The artists brought color to the canvas and drew from an emotional place and had universal themes. Since it originated after the war, the themes were from post trauma and addressed a time of anxiety giving way to the surrealism movement which had the post war mood.
  3. What it looks like? – Abstract expressionism mostly lies on the large scale side; it lacks a clear focal point, has a non objective imagery and shows signs of the artist’s working progress all through the painting. This has slowly evolved over the years and has embraced a more contemporary style of art. It basically borders on expression and painting from an emotional point of view. Contemporary abstract expressionism art is easy to decipher as it mostly incorporates universal themes and current issues in the society.
  4. Legacy – The style has gradually molded a legacy over the years, it has been seen and known as a way of art expressionism not only in America but in different parts of the world. The theme has since changed with the different issues to be covered in society and the world at large. In the 1960’s American prided themselves in this form of art which they felt it expressed the country’s cultural change, democracy and individualism especially after the 2nd world war and in the years that led up to the cold war.

Most of the artists attributed to founding this style committed suicide and had deep emotional issues. Some from troubled and broken marriages while others from their early childhood. They however left a blue print for their successors who revolutionized it through the years. It has since crossed borders and is not only considered as art from America but has spread to different parts of the world. Abstract art in Dubai has been embraced along with other countries in the Middle East. It has also been merged with other forms of movement which has given forth a wonderful blend of artistic innovation and creativity. In contemporary art, abstract art has been embedded with different movements but its core objectives remain the same, the artists draw from an emotional place and highlight current issues that are going on in the society. Before buying an abstracts expressionisms art, the knowledge of its history will broaden your thinking and help you make the right purchase.


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