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Are you looking for oil paintings in Dubai? If you are in the process of starting your collection, Dubai is an awesome place to begin. It has 90+ art galleries to select your favorite artwork. You can find riveting collections from themed exhibitions in Dubai. We are rounding up 5 places where you can buy oil paintings in Dubai.


This is a gallery where collectors can buy both contemporary art and modern art. If you are looking for affordable art, the gallery mounts exhibitions of diverse themes from abstract surreal to Asian. If you want an artwork for any famous artist Dubai then SAPHIRA’s collection is the place to find established artists like Keith Haring, Frida Khalo, Jackson Pollock and much more.


If you are looking for a famous artist Dubai, look no further than Suzi’s. You can buy abstract art from the award-winning contemporary artist. Her website is worth the visit. You can have a glimpse of her work through the site. She is able to present abstract art through her paintings. The online store offers original oil portraits and nudes for purchase. You may also get in touch with her for a portrait. What’s more, the original paintings are sold at great prices. An oil painting enhances the details of a home, therefore, the original art by Nassif is must have. Are you an artist or owner of a gallery? Buy oil paintings in Dubai to help you fall in love and discover things.

You can view Suzi Nassif’s collections at VIP South Terminal Dubai and even at Coya Fours Seasons resort. Suzi has held events and exhibitions from 2013 to date. So far there is an exhibition themed PADAROX Solo 2018 in New York. She has been a participant in the mega exhibition famed as INDEX in UAE.


This is one of the most popular shows in Dubai for collectors and art enthusiasts, with a focus on connecting Dubai to the rest of the world at Dubai World Trade Center. The yearly exhibition is a fusion of entertainment, education, and art. It features live paintings, Art talks, learning workshops and VR Art. Artwork prices range from $100-$20,000 per piece.


You can buy oil painting in Dubai from their collections online or from exhibitions. SAATI’s artwork is carefully chosen by curators.  Also, they own a magazine which you can use to learn about emerging artists and read news from the art world. SAATCHI’s website allows the buyers to browse their artwork for sale by price and. You can choose to buy abstract art from SAATCHI’s gallery.


Opera gallery not only operates in London, Seoul, Monaco, Hong Kong, New York and Paris but also in Dubai – Gate Village Building 3. The gallery is open throughout the week except for Mondays and Tuesdays. It features artwork from Matisse and Chagall amongst others. Major works by Suzi Nassif are also mounted here. Majority of Opera Gallery showcases are expensive.

Finally, those who imagine Dubai is exclusively for shopping or showboating they are mistaken, there is a thriving market where you can buy oil paintings in Dubai. The galleries are putting Dubai on the map.

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