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In the last few years, UAE has seen great success in its cultural scene with Dubai being a leading city in art exhibitions.It comes as no surprise as its rich Arab culture when relayed in art is enough to draw in crowds. The open migration policy in the region has also played a large part as it allows thousands of creative minds into the region. With the increasing diversity in Dubai’s culture, there is no shortage of art to dazzle the crowds. This coupled with the increasing number of art lovers, has turned it into a haven for those who want to promote their art.

Dubai is known to offer a wide range of art. From contemporary portrait artists to artists of surrealism, variety is no problem. As a result, galleries have something for everyone and because of this have achieved great success. Dubai has easily managed to draw in not only local audiences and artists but international ones as well. This is probably due to appreciation for old and emerging artists alike.

Dubai Art World in itself, as one of the most popular art fairs in the region, is home to a variety of artists and their brilliant works. Bringing in artists from all over the world, it gives a chance for them to promote their own culture by showing off their work to the world. Getting a chance to participate in the show is its own reward as artists get recognition while using the experience to learn from those of different backgrounds from theirs.

With the increasing number of museums in Dubai, their is no shortage of crowds to sample from both local and international works. Indian art itself, perhaps because of the country’s rich and ancient culture, has become a favourite with the audience. The same can also be said with eco-friendly art. The media also goes a long way to promote art building up a buzz long before an art exhibition. This ensures no shortage of viewers when the time comes.

Despite the variety of art in Dubai, a couple of art galleries seem to stand out. One of these is the Suzi Nassif Art Gallery. This gallery is the biggest gallery of surrealism in Dubai. Inside it, works from all kinds of artists can be found inside including those of award winning artist, Suzi Nassif. However, this does not mean that Suzi Nassif paintings cannot be found anywhere else in the region.

XVA gallery found in Dubai’s most well known historical district, is the only boutique art hotel in Dubai. It features work from various Middle Eastern and African artists. The ProArt gallery which exhibits the work of famous pop art artists, is another attraction. Other famous galleries include Fann A Porter, The Third Line, Tashkeel among others.

As is evident, their is no shortage of art galleries for local or international art lovers to visit while in Dubai. With the high quality art in Dubai, these trips will certainly not leave you disappointed.

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