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Oil paintings were introduced in thirteenth century when their simple decorative use was quite overwhelming, and people were eager to buy oil paintings. Nevertheless, the modern trends and developments in oil paintings were introduced in seventeenth century. After that, there has been an ever-increasing trend to buy oil paintings for decorative purposes. There are several reasons that make oil paintings the best, among other types of paintings. Here are some of the reasons to explain why oil paintings are the best:

Slower Drying

Oil paintings have slower drying process as compared to other forms of paints and this property of oil paintings gives an edge to the artist. The artist can think over his oil paintings because he can mold the paint if it is not dried. Therefore, oil paintings appear to be creative and well managed as compared to other forms of paints.

Maximum blend of colors

Oil paintings are made through maximum blend of colors because oil paints have the capacity to blend with spreading paint on canvas and the artist can spread and blend different colors in order to create a good mix of colors. This is the reason that oil paintings are trending and also featured for contemporary art in Dubai.

Can be easily handled

Oil paints are easy medium to work on the canvas. The beginners usually use oil paintings to hand of their artworks effectively. Additionally, oil paints provide them the opportunity to correct their mistakes and to put maximum time on their painting decisions. On the contrary, eater paints are hard to work with because they dry very soon and the artist need to be very careful with his brush.

Oil paintings are luminous and shiny

Oil paintings are very luminous and shiny and give a glowing look to the audience. People get attracted to oil paintings due to their glossy look. Due to this feature, many art galleries present oil paintings along with contemporary art in Dubai. People are also eager to buy oil paintings due to its glossy feature and they decorate their houses with these paintings.

Oil paintings beautify the walls

Due to tremendous drying properties, oil paintings give a chance to the artist to show his maximum creativity. Therefore, oil paintings appear to be attractive and well-explained. People buy oil paintings to decorate their houses and to beautify their walls. The glossy look of oil paintings adds a charm to the walls and it seems that some real life features are embedded in the oil paintings.


Oil paintings have many features that make them ultimate choice of both artists and art lovers. Oil paintings look more real and effective due to the thick layer of oil paints. The effectiveness of oil paints is also due to the particles of oil that comprise a major portion of oil paints. Moreover, oil paintings have lesser chances to worn out due to atmosphere, because the oil paint holds thick layer in canvas and cannot be easily disturbed through minor changes in atmosphere.

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