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Portrait art has been around for a long time since it was first conceived back in the ages. However something unique is taking shape with this type of art and it is all about the unique appeal portrait art paintings is drawing from the millennial generation. What could it be that is driving the millennial generation to have a special kind of attachment to portrait art paintings? Could it be due to the huge strides made in the technological arena over the past four decades?

To find out more about this topic, we delve deeper into what could be the fuel behind the millennial generation attachment to portrait art paintings.

People of the millennial generation are assumed to be those born between the year 1980 and the year 2000. They are an optimistic lot, better informed than any other age group in history, but do famous modern portrait artists appeal to them? For this they tend to be pragmatic idealists. They thus lean more and more towards portrait paintings for they feel it to be real and ideal in their circumstance. For the millennial person, there is an overwhelming trend experienced of leaning towards digital experiences more than seeing tangible works from a person. The Internet for instance has made it quite easy to find high-res photographs of good artworks all with just the touch of a screen!

There are also a number of social sites like Tumblr that have brought about the idea of self-curation where people can sample various works of art without the need to hop from one art gallery to the next.

The other reason why millennials find portrait art appealing is that they prefer visual arts and representation. They actually find things like graffiti, drawings, and tattooing very interesting to them and will go to lengths to experience them. The famous modern portrait artists also realize the affiliation the millennial generation has for portrait art paintings are capitalizing on it.

It is true that they are many people who are still enjoying traditional art, but the fact of the matter is that more art has gone digital. The opportunity that technological advancement has given the modern artists with regards to creating their artwork on their computers has really helped drive the love and enthusiasm of portrait art paintings from the millennial generation.

One thing however will remain constant in many years to come and it is the appreciation of the various forms art by people of different age groups. This is because art itself is very broad and not limited just to a few mediums. Yes, there are very many variations of art which include; music, poetry, drawing, sculpting, drawing, painting, and animation.

Lastly, millennial people can be said to better find portrait paintings more appealing to them because by the time they get to university, they already have a far much greater appreciation of all forms of art. Millennials also are also some of the most creative, innovative are usually involved in making something new. Maybe this may explain their unique love for portrait paintings.

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