by developer

If there is no art, in my opinion, this world would be the ugliest place in the whole universe. You know why? Artists take inspiration from the nature and ‘no arts creation’ means there is nothing worthy and notable in the nature. And, this is simply not conceivable. So, the world is beautiful because it owns fine pieces of artworks from solicitous and ingenious souls.

Creative arts make our lives ever beautiful and entertaining. Portrait artists comprehends this thing and therefore, always search to craft a vision, a thought, a dream, social issue and lot more things to attract viewers attention. Truth is every art form is based on this fact.

Do you think it is an easy recipe to cook? Not by any means. Artists need to regularly notch up their creative milestones and after years of hard work, they become capable to build a sound career. If you want to make your creative journey progressive and confidently successful then implement some specific ideas to keep your creative millstones on track.

What Is A Right Creative Milestone?

Everyone has his own choices for milestones depending on his work or passion for something. For the portrait to abstract and digital surrealism artists, creative milestones are their paintings. But is the plan all done here? I think it’s a continuous process because the next milestone is to put it on show for your audience. Art exhibitions and famous artist websites remained occupied with such milestones.

  1. Work Regularly & Step By Step:

It might not be possible to work for hours on a single painting. So many disrupting factors are there, from mood to ambience around etc.  You must work on your painting task regularly and always take a step at a time. Untoward situations are exception and really don’t happen frequently. So make a routine and strictly follow it to achieve your milestone.

  1. Take Small And Measurable Steps:

Do not work haphazardly. It will not ruin your creativity but also waste a lot of time. Make each and every of your move in small and easily measurable steps.

Keep things as much simple as possible and keep measuring your progress. One abstract painting, second digital art oeuvre… and tenth surreal art painting. Believe you me this is the best appropriate way to notch up your progress.

  1. Add Regular ‘Time Off’ To Your Schedule:

Do not overload yourself just like me. People usually praise me for my garden-fresh personality, witty nature and focused approach. Want to know the secret? I usually do not paint on weekends and then from regular working days I find myself all fresh with great ideas to put up on the canvas.

You should also learn to schedule regular breaks from your work. This will help you to stay excited for your drawing job and certainly prevent your creativity from potential burnouts because of non-stop strokes.

  1. Do Not Let Your Creative Juices Stop Flowing:

Any day, if you feel like strapped in lack of inspiration, and supply of motivation is stuck somewhere in midway of painting work. Just stop your brush. Rest for few minutes. Oh dear! Rest means ‘REST’, so stop staring your half-done painting or colors and brushes etc. Lay done on cozy couch, close your eyes and just relax.

I usually feel afresh after ten minutes of break from my work.

  1. Be Kind And Celebrate Each Milestone:

While crafting a stunning art piece, along the way, you need to remain kind toward you. Nurture yourself no matter how tidier the days are getting. It is all fine to stop earlier than normal just to enjoy the raining knocking at your window and calling you out.

Feel the pleasant happenings around you and above all never forget to celebrate each concluded milestone.