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Art has gone through a lot of movements in the past and today the question ‘what art movement are we in’ is one of the most asked questions. This question usually doesn’t fetch a sure shot answer usually but one thing is for sure the art movement that we are presently living consists of both art and technology. Technology has made its mark in all facets of lives and there is none remaining without technology in it. Why should art lag behind?

Before we get into what are movement we are in today, let’s know what exactly is the art movement? Art movement is a style or genre of art with specific common goal or philosophy by an artist’s group during a period of time. Usually the technologies available in a certain era can influence the art form distinctively. In the initial days it was all about impressions but today it is mostly about realism, surrealism and abstract, for which you need technicalities. In the olden days there was no course studies regarding art or anything, it was all pure state of mindfulness. But today with art there are a lot of other things that is involved.

The whole world is capable of identifying modern art today. Contemporary art in Dubai has reached new heights in the recent years and you will find high demands for contemporary art. In fact it will not be too wrong to say that Dubai is the hub for contemporary art. There was an era when any kind or genre of art didn’t involve much technology and new techniques but today in this fast paced world where every kind of art is blooming requires digitalism and new techniques to add a touch of uniqueness.

If you are keen art collector and you travel places to buy or sell art you will know that modern art paintings for sale have changed their face a lot from what they used to be in the past. The usage of color theory to change perception and even the color palette has a lot of changes. Although art in a whole is all about the individuality and a unique perspective but the availability of technology can be used to manipulate people’s perception about an art work. What is even more surprising is the fact that today art has mini movements and it doesn’t revolve around just one movement like it used to in the olden days.

Today the art works that are presented by different artists generally take on social evils and hence we can associate today’s art work to social art movement. Visual images can grab people’s eyes and convey extreme messages with great ease and that is why you don’t see art just as a canvas, hung around some corner today but you will find art at every step of your life. In fact a selfie that we click day in and out is a self-portrait and can be considered as a form of art.

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