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Dubai is rapidly growing as an exciting center for art in the Middle East. The artwork Dubai is revealed through the art events in Dubai. An annual Art Dubai fair holds a great importance to revive the art culture of this city. Ranging from the dusty industrial surroundings and going to the modish sophistication of its financial center, the contemporary art scene at Dubai is indeed buzzing.

The art galleries in Dubai come in a variety of different appearances. However, the keen art lovers who are looking to find the most authentic art gallery of a similar theme, are often advised to visit the market of Bastakiya that is situated in central Dubai and is surrounded by a series of historical buildings. Most of the historical buildings situated in Bastakiya are being transformed into some interesting art museums and art gallery spaces, restaurants and the cafes. It is better not to rely on your taxi driver to know the way of the known art galleries in Dubai. You should rather pick up a copy of some Art Map publication that can provide you with the maps of all the art galleries that you think to visit. In fact, the information available in this article can also help you to select an art gallery that you want to visit in future.

Majlis art Gallery:

This art gallery is situated in Bastakia and has a serene courtyard that is surely worth the visit. However, the real treasures of art are being found inside where it covers numerous artistic work comprising of glasswork, textiles, ceramics and a lot of paintings. One may also see a display of prominent collection of Indian and the French furniture. The gallery is open from Saturday to Thursday between 09:30 to 20:00

Green art Gallery:

This gallery is situated at the Jumeirah Beach Road. This relatively new gallery aims to cultivate some compelling artwork. The painting gallery Dubai provides a prominent place for the local artists, offering them with the resources that can sharpen their talent well. The Green Art Gallery maintains its permanent collection on a rotation, therefore the visitors may see a variety of work when visiting this place in different seasons. This gallery is open from Saturday to Thursday between 09:30 to 20:30.

Godolphin Gallery:

This gallery is situated at Nad Al Sheba in Dubai. This gallery can be found within the grounds of the racecourse of Nad Al Sheba and got its name from a famous stallion that is considered responsible for founding the Arabian thoroughbred in modern times. People thinking to visit the Godolphin Gallery may expect to see paintings and photographs of horse riding with an array of some impressive trophies. The gallery is open daily between 09:00 to 17:00.

Four seasons Ramesh Gallery:

This gallery is situated at the  Al Zomorrodah Building in Dubai. Recently, this gallery has grown to become not just one of the biggest art galleries of Dubai but also within the whole of UAE. The gallery displays a variety of art works for purchase that comes in all sizes, shapes, mediums and prices. Four seasons Ramesh gallery is open daily between 10:00 to 19:00.

If you are a true art lover, then a trip to all the above mentioned galleries will never disappoint you and I am sure you will find  something unique and interesting to see.

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