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Originally developed for house painting, acrylics today is considered as an indispensable medium. Have a look at acrylic painting Dubai and you will see great many masterpieces produced in this medium. Acrylic paints can be tamed to work like oil paints or water colors but these are fairly the new type of paints.

In 1950s, these were first made available for canvas painting. Further developments in later years have started to attract many famous artists to acrylics. These include abstract expressionism artists like Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell, pop-art artist Andy Warhol and David Hockney, and lot many.

Acrylic is a great medium, with lot many benefits, to produce amazing artwork. Art galleries in Dubai are rich in abstract and surreal art to acrylic work of innovative contemporary artists. Read on and find out what key advantages you can have if you pick acrylic paints to craft fascinating art oeuvres.

Time Savers:

If you want to get your job done promptly then acrylic paints are for you. They dry quickly in contrast to all other types of paints. For artist, it’s an ideal situation especially when they have to create and ship their paintings in limited time span. They need not to worry about potential smearing while packing and delivery to end user.

Even the portrait artists use acrylic medium particularity if they need to put additional coats on any part. Artists have to be extra smart and fast because of the short time availability to manipulate acrylic paints after they are transferred onto the canvas. To slow down the drying process, you can add retarders to acrylic colors.

Extra Secure:

Here by ‘extra secure’ I am referring to durability quotient of acrylic paints. To create brilliant work of art, paints should be resistant to temperature changes. And, acrylic paints own this privilege because these are proven to be more flexible as compared to other paints.

The likelihood of yellowing, cracking or any other deterioration in acrylic artwork is extremely rare. Acrylics show flexibility on changing temperatures. They stretch and compress despite cracking. This keeps your work safe of weather conditions and makes it longer lasting.

Versatile Media:

Another superlative characteristic of acrylic paints is that you can use them on variety of mediums. Unlike water and oil paints requiring unique media of canvas or paper, acrylics can be applied to distinct surfaces including wood, glass, concrete, metal and even the stone etc.

Adaptable Appearance:

Moreover, the physical appearance of acrylic paints is adaptable depending on the surface area as well as any other media released to them. You can have a broad array of textures to add in your paintings just by mixing any other media like rice or sand etc into the acrylic paints. You cannot have this freedom to enjoy in any other type of paints. You can get gloss to a matte finish as you like just by employing distinctive procedures.

Go to any art gallery and you will pleased with numerous masterworks of art created out of these vibrant and versatile acrylic paints. The versatility factor of acrylic medium has given it the remarkable reputation of being one of the key paints to create modern art. Acrylic paints are much longer lasting and cost-effective than oil paints.


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