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The use of acrylic paint can be traced back to the 1940’s when it was first invented. It is a synthetic paint that combined some of the properties of oil and watercolors.

A portrait on the other hand is a painting, sculpture or photograph or other form of artistic expression which basically focuses on the face.

Some of the advantages of using acrylic paint for portrait art include:

  1.  Durability – Pieces can be stored for long periods of times and will still be in proper condition.
  • It is considered to be non- toxic unlike oil paints that can easily create fumes.
  • It is soluble in water, hence it cleans up easily and is considered manageable
  •  Artists consider acrylic paint an outlet for their creativity and can therefore get more realistic.
  • Acrylic is considered to be more opaque than watercolors hence one can create his own layers.

 There is a number of artists that prefer the acrylic portraits painting on canvas to the oil portrait paintings. Some of the remarkable portrait pieces that have been produced by the aid of acrylic paint include: –

  1. Madame Marlene – One of the famous pieces prepared by the talented Suzi Nassif. This artist went a step further to change canvases to wearable art. Her Kimono pieces are accessible in various social media outlets such as her Instagram account.
  • The Goldfish –Painted by the famous Scott Ramsey. This artist has a special connection to natural life and representation. Most of his pieces have evidence of acrylic paints.
  • Barrack Obama official portrait –  A piece created by the patriotic and talented Kehinde Wiley. The piece reinvents a classic style by replacing white aristocracy with modern-day people of color. 
  • Newport –  A piece created by a knowledgeable and scholastic man called Mark Rothko. His artistic abilities were impressive enough to gain recognition in the global art world.

As well known, anything that has advantages must also attract disadvantages. In this case the disadvantages attracted by acrylic painting on portraits include:

  1. It is hard to use because it dries quickly which makes it difficult to use if not well mastered.
  • Must be thoroughly cleaned or can end up ruining your brushes which becomes catastrophic.
  • It cannot be saved for later use like done with watercolors
  • Acrylics is that they are easily stained by grease and oil
  • As compared to glass acrylic scratches more easily than glass

The above discussion on acrylic paint does not do any justice to the contribution that this paint has made in the art world. One should consider Acrylic paints for Portrait Art and appreciate it as it clearly aids in the preservation of history. This should be considered as a major advantage in the portrait movement because portrait art is the interpretation of history in our book.


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