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Art entails several different ideas and thoughts that match the cultural relevance of an area. Dubai also has its cultural values and interests that depict the very true face of Dubai’s deep history and regional significance. Art has great cultural significance in Dubai and recent years have seen a momentous shift in contemporary art in Dubai. The rise of contemporary art in Dubai is attributed to many factors including art fairs, magazines, media channels and documentaries. Let’s have a closer look on these factors:

Art Fairs

Dubai is home to many art fairs that are a major factor behind the rise of contemporary art in Dubai. The Art Dubai and the Sikka Art Fair are the most famous and leading art fairs in Dubai. The Art in Dubai is hosted every year in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai. The Art Fair is Dubai’s first contemporary art fair. In 2009, the Art Fair attracted almost seventy galleries from Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Middle East. In 2017, the Art Fair hosted attracted 28,000 visitors and 90 art galleries. The Art fair plays an important role to promote contemporary art in Dubai.

Sikka Art Fair was initiated in 2011 by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. The event is backed by the government and it attracts huge funding and sponsors which play amazing role for the promotion and rise of contemporary art in Dubai. The event attract artists and art galleries from United Arab Emirates and it also cover the cultural aspects of Dubai music and film industry.


Contemporary magazines in Dubai endorse contemporary art and encourage both the artists and art lovers. Vision is the most common and famous magazine which presents the cultural perspective of Dubai in terms of arts, music and business. Vision is considered as the voice of Dubai’s culture around the globe. Another magazine dedicated for the same purpose is, Harpers Bazaar. Harper Bazaar was launched in 2012 and it is purely attached to the promotion of contemporary art in the Arab world.


Looking at the recent rise of contemporary art in Dubai, many film directors have also developed an interest to promote the industry and to explore the real potential behind their artworks. Glitter Dust: Finding art in Dubai is a noteworthy documentary related to the promotion of art and culture of Dubai. The main essence of culture and art is depicted through the lens of artists’ reviews and ideas. Many well-known artists are a part of this documentary and the documentary entails great information for the promotion of contemporary art in Dubai.


Media channels and efforts have also played an important role to promote contemporary art in Dubai. The Government of Dubai has opened the Brand Dubai which is a part of Dubai Media Office and it is tasked with cultural promotion and awareness across the city. Moreover, the radio channels promote art concepts and several radio stations are also dedicated to the same purpose. These collective efforts have made contemporary art more relevant to Dubai’s culture and tradition.

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