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Surrealism is based on the belief in the superior reality of the dream. ~Andre Breton

From conventional and orthodox attitude to contemporary and digital look, Dubai’s artistic avenue grooms itself as an incredibly appealing platform for both the expert painters and budding artists. This amazing city of the world is in the fast growth rate of the surreal art adoption. As we speculate on the context of digital surrealism, its contemplate relevance with today’s fast pacing and distinctive realm becomes obvious.

Do you know the reason? It is the supercharged growth of surrealism in Dubai’s art market that gained importance as one of the leading art forms in today’s modern art scenario.

Surreal Art, Because It’s Real & Resolute:

Surreal art is more than real and much better than real. And, this is what the cities on the rise often look upon. Dubai is one of such metropolitans that transformed into the pure intellectual energy where artists are playing their significant role by portraying life’s objectivity and the real soul dwelling in us through the art of surrealism.

Surreal Artists Entering into High State:

Many art forms have been circulating around for centuries. However, in the past couple of years the trend of using art to reflect our very own realities grossed on the elements of digital surrealism to mobilize and renovate the mindsets of people.

The majority of the young artists being more accustomed to digital models embark upon their career through pop surrealism despite going into the elementary artworks such as abstraction, portraiture and calligraphy etc. Primarily because of the reason that surreal brings more freedom and fun; giving the artists new dimensions and inspiring dynamics to convert the world of the unseen into artistic discourse where commonality burns up to give life to unusual, but mindful messages by taking a pure approach. Dubai as a gigantic hub of modern art foots on this purity.

Surrealism is Must to Secure Peculiarity:  

Surrealism treads on typical ideas, vivid imaginations, painstaking moments, and insatiable curiosity that is often bizarre in the application of an individual’s thoughts. It surfaces more comprehensive and profound questions than the answers that viewers commonly seek for in any art oeuvre. This reveals that the art of surrealism is meant to abandon the viewers’ perspectives of rationalism and push them to exhaustive thinking about whatever they experience in it and then draw conclusions upon their specific experiences. It’s Sur-Reality!

Surrealism is added as a route to boost art lover’s engagement with Dubai and its artistic style of grooming and influencing people to relish in its growing contemporary art industry.

The Verdict:

One of the missions of Dubai’s art sphere, including artists, art collectors and auctioneers, and gallery owners is to celebrate surreal art as it’s a great fantasy to be part of such a marvelous and unique art form, allowing people to exhale their irrational dreams.

Let’s cut to the chase, the modern art scene of Dubai is seeking for world’s attention for its absolute growth and expansion. For this, the vision of promoting digital surreal art in this cosmopolitan city is the dire need of time and all the stakeholders are playing a great role in this regard.

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