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“Do what you love, and you would not have to work a single day in your life”. We have often heard this quote as we grow up, but have we actually paid heed to it? Do we do what we love?

In the run for careers and money, we have long forgotten to do what we love or follow our heart – and that is very unfortunate. Hobbies that are activities to nourish talent are ignored because they do not pay well.

Did you know there are still hobbies through which you can earn? This article highlights five hobbies that you can build upon and earn within the long run.

Modern Art Paintings:

The art of blending your imagination with colors, and putting on a canvas is no less of a talent. Abstract art by definition can be a painting or sculpture that does not depict a living thing. It represents the world in an exaggerated and distorted way. It is one the most sought after skill artists around the world are the assets of any country. Some colorful, creative lines and you can impress art lovers.

Looking at art in Dubai, the value of abstract art is increasing over time because of its controversial history and rich background. The quality of its visuals makes it a good earning source.

Dubai has emerged as a place of contemporary art galleries and showcases work of modern art. Art fairs in Dubai are also a source of exhibiting your work with the best potential of contracts. To be particular, acrylic paintings is the best form of art that you will see if you visit these galleries.
Take your brushes and start today. Who knows you may be the next day Vinci.


If you have the creativity to shoot at any location, select the best angles and click beautifully then the photographer in you is all set to make a debut. Like writing, you can present your photographs at a number of websites such as Flickr and ShutterStock and earn a good income for the use of your photographs.
Think about photographic prints as well.


If you have a flair for writing and if your pen has the power you can be rich. Your writing capability can take you to a lot of different possibilities. You can be a blogger (have the benefit of brand associations), a scriptwriter, a column writer or just a freelancer; there are hundreds of websites that require the services of a writer every day.
Search a website and create a profile because writing will surely help you earn a lot!


Pushups, burpees, nutrition plans and supplements. If you are a fitness freak and you love to share your knowledge about your fitness mantras, you can become a personal trainer. Personal trainers and their experience are highly valued and can be a good source of income too.


The most versatile form of art, having no boundaries – music. It has spread it the horizon around the world. If music is your passion, transfer this passion to other people and give virtual or manual music classes. Moreover, you can also start producing your own music and start your own band. This way you can earn through your passion!

The world might not be able to place a value of your passion, but it won’t disappoint you either. Love your work and show your passion to the world.

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