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A great home office will help you in numerous ways. You can work without the pressure of your supervisor or your boss and save your time from socializing with a colleague while working.  It is, however, important to make sure that your office does not look any less professional just because it is in your home. A proper home office will help in bringing out your most creative and productive side.

Here are some awesome home office décor ideas for you:

Stop Roaming Round:

Do not just consider working on a laptop or tablet. It will increase your portability and you would be moving around all day. It is better to use a desktop as it has a massive monitor which means less strain for your eyes as well and it will help you develop a good habit of staying at a place all day.

I remember visiting one of the famous artists in Dubai and I saw a huge desktop at his design studio and he told me that it helps him stay at one place and that’s why he prefers it.

Embrace the Glorious Artist Hidden Inside you:

Even raw strokes of brush look so nice and artsy. You can also make use of spray paints and give your desk a cool new artsy look rather than a boring office desk look. This will make you want to keep sitting at your office desk and looking at a colorful desk will make you feel great.

Never shy away from choosing bold and bright colors. You can also draw figures with a paint. Or you can also write quotes on top. Cool idea! Isn’t it?

Nuts will save you from going nuts:

Take glass jars and store nuts in them. I have been using cashew and almonds. They are great brain foods and also help in saving time to prepare your food.

What’s more is that they are amazing when it helps in maintaining weight. So, feed your brain with these powerful nuts and enjoy optimal brain functioning.

Keep Mother Nature Close:

Make sure you have indoor plants nearby. They will help you maintain oxygen levels in your blood. Breathing fresh always helps you in boosting your work performance.

This is further great for your eyes. When your tired eyes will wander from the screen they will have in sight green plants. Why not to take the window decal art to next level and creating a scene of nature might be a soothing beach, or a landscape. It will give you a good feel. Use fine art prints instead if affordable.

Paintings, paintings and some more paintings:

Abstract paintings, Portrait paintings or landscape paintings all have their own beauty. Choose the ones that attract you and hang them on the wall at eye level. The best thing about paintings is that they not only help you in giving a great look to your office but observing the paintings helps you in contemplating and that helps you in thinking of great ideas.

Go for award winning paintings from across the world and specifically in Dubai as Dubai hoards some best collections. So get your hands on award winning paintings in Dubai.

Upsurge your productivity and work comfortably. Happy working!

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