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“There is never a lack of subject matter; just absence of creativity.”

Lee Hammond

Modern art creativity is to make or craft something innovative, unusual and useful. Creating art might be reflected as relaxing endeavor but it is quite challenging as well.

This is an intellectual challenge in which the doors to learn something different or explore the new medium to paint can never be shut.

Creative art requires the painting artists and enthusiasts to augment their in-box, out-box, and the new-box thinking skills. This will lead them to transform an avant-garde idea into a startling oeuvre.

Engaging the audience will be possible only if visual artists actually can comprehend important conditions so as to produce efficacious creativity in form of paintings including abstract impressionism and digital surrealism etc. If you want to be among the great portrait artists then avoid being a creative slump and keep on to cultivate your creativity and for this you need to work on below listed conditions.   

  1. Creative Climate:

This is meant to achieve the right atmosphere as you start to put your idea on canvas. A creative climate is one that gives sound support to your ideas and allow you to be risk taking. It brings you the challenge, free expression, debate and will collaborate with you to improve your skills.

If your climate is not encouraging you to develop you curiosity and imagination then it’s not the creative one. A creative environment gives the artists great liberty to make mistakes and errors. It allows them to be free from any limitation.

  1. Creative Attitude:

A creative attitude development and growth is must for painting artists in general and for digital surrealism artists in specific. For the reason that they need to build entirely different approach to produce 2D, 3D digital art and also the matte painting images.

Creative attitude will allow you to eliminate the constraints of any kind as you paint your thoughts or feels.   This approach will help you to make your artwork emotionally sensitive and verbally expressive.

Creative attitude stands for curious, passionate, unconventional, daring, and insightful persona. It will shape you as more persistent, optimistic and spontaneous artist and these traits are exclusively significant to stand tall among others.

It is this inventive attitude that will allow and lead you to the creative thinking necessary to create a masterpiece.

  1. Creative Thinking:

Creative thinking feeds and fills the artists and they will spring out with stunning concepts turned into exquisite paintings.

The combination of convergent and divergent thinking is must to generate something really eye-captive and breathtaking.

There is no grey area in convergent thinking but merely the black and white. This is intended to focus on well-established solution to a standard problem. For example the use of cubism idea in abstract painting Dubai.

In contrast, divergent thinking allows the artists to explore diverse range of possible solutions to generate creative ideas. It’s actually a thought process that helps human mind’s database to breed more creative combinations.

Orthodox abstract art or eccentric surreal art, in both, the painting artists always need to nurture the creativeness. ‘But How?’ is the repeatedly asked question and is typical of the beginners. Answer lies in above mentioned conditions for all such novices. This way they can fathom the right mode to add depth and emotion to their fine art paintings.

“Overlook Idea Killers and Let Your Creativity Boost in Pertinent State”