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During the past few years there has been a growth in the Dubai art scene that mainly comes from the local as well as regional artists who have helped to change the perception of Dubai from a characterless and a mall obsessed city into a scintillating art and cultural hub. The artwork Dubai has seen a tremendous growth where many budding as well as experienced artists have showcased their talents through painting exhibitions in Dubai. Some big art events are being arranged annually in UAE including the Art Dubai or the Sharjah Biennial which plays a big role to promote the artistic and cultural development of the gulf region.

A peep into the Dubai art work:

We see Dubai itself as a piece of artwork in terms of being a cosmopolitan society that has accommodated varied cultures and nationalities. However, one may love it for its unique energy and ambiance and the other may hate it for not having any original identity of its own, yet the city never fails to impress. Indeed the artwork Dubai is still contemporary and visual which depicts large artworks creating impressionist statements to perfectly portray the real spirit of the city. Therefore, the display of typical conceptual art in contrast appears to be out of place. We now see Dubai maturing from a place of celebration to excess to contemplation and self awareness through the show casing of surreal art, abstract art and the portrait artists of Dubai. You name the branch of art and you will find the relevant art work available in the art galleries in Dubai.

Contemporary trends of growth in the Dubai art scene:

The current growth of the art scene in Dubai is controlled by market where it is not a part of a planned strategy to develop or promote culture like many other countries in the Gulf and nor is it a result of the long term local development. The development and success of the art work Dubai is due to the capable individuals who have structured this art world. The arrangement of events like Art Dubai is itself an important single building element that has provided the art professionals as well as the art lovers from all over the world with a reason to visit Dubai every year to enjoy the ever increasing scale of programs and activities being added to this event annually. Just like the international merchant traders who have shifted goods through Dubai free ports, the new generation of artists has made this city a major hub for modern art, producing artwork from places like Pakistan to Egypt and selling it  to the regional and global collectors.

Future of art in Dubai:

The present growth of art scene is an interesting examination of Dubai’s ability to get back on its feet economically with a long-term ambition to remain a city of true world stature. The cultural diversity and expatriate majority in Dubai is playing to its advantage, for the artists, for the buyers and also for the enthusiastic art lovers who can gain exposure to a variety of art from the developing world that also has deep links to the Dubai city. This reflects the prosperous, visual, dynamic and the bright future oriented art in Dubai which is fairly unique and is likely to develop quite rapidly in future.

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