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Portraitists all over the world are in high demand and they may create their work for public or private persons or by commission. Portraits hold special significance to people as they serve as a memory or sometimes show your fondness of the person during their lifetime. Portrait artists sometimes select popular or inspirational people for creating portraits and other times they are imaginary faces.

Portraitists have stunned the world with pencil portraits in the past and here I have 4 mind blowing pencil portraits that will live you awestruck.

Shower-Paul Cadden:

The illustrations of Cadden are so realistic that you will have to see it again and again and you will still feel they are photographs. The artist has used only graphite and chalk for creating this masterpiece. This shows that if you are talented and skillful as an artist, you can create masterpieces with the simplest of tools. Paul Cadden is a Scottish hyperrealist artist who produces seven pieces on an average every year. Most of his work is created using a pencil but other times he also uses watercolors and pastels. The phrase that inspires him is “to intensify the normal”.

You are not alone-Rajacenna:

At the mere age of 19, Rajacenna, a young artist from Netherlands who has never taken any art lesson exhibited such brilliance in her pencil portrait. At the age of 16, she was discovered as the youngest as well as top hyper realistic pencil drawing artist. Her natural skills soon made her a known star in the world of art and set her apart from other contemporary portrait artists. Her drawing and videos are being taught at art schools due to their perfection and brilliance.

Mother-Jay Varma:

To call him master of his art won’t be wrong. The astonishing attribute of this Indian artist is that he is a self-taught artist. In this pencil portrait, he has done justice to the art of creating pencil portraits. Varma belongs to a family of recognized artists. In 2000, he won “Sanford award for exceptional merit” at the eighth International Colored Pencil Competition. He has started accepting commissioned portraits. The portraits are specially created giving them personalized touch which is the trademark of the artist.

The Face of David-Linda Huber:

Face of David is a brilliant masterpiece by Linda Huber and established her as a mature and professional artist. She has flawlessly worked on this portrait using pencil. Linda Huber has been practicing the art of drawing with pencil for a span of 40 years. Huber takes inspiration from her surroundings and has drawn everything from portraiture to inanimate objects. On her site, she states, “Drawing in the style of realism is what I love to do, to recreate life as we see and know it with just a simple pencil is exciting to say the least.”


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