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Surrealism was an art movement founded by Andre Breton in the 1920s. Andre adopted the word surrealism from a writer Guillaume Apollinaire, who used the word to describe his ballet.  Actually, it is a cultural movement expressed in a style of art, music, and literature. Surrealism sprung out of Dada movement. The artists were looking for an escape from the chaos in Dada. The movement had profound effects in many parts of Europe. The surrealism begun in Paris, France and quickly spread its roots to the rest of the world.

In fact, surrealism artists defied middle and upper-class complacency. Have you ever wondered why the surrealism artists get inspiration from psychoanalysis?  These are unconscious desires. The artist has to dig deep into his/her conscious mind to inspire artistic creativity. Surrealist believes rational thoughts need rejection. Of the most recognizable elements of surrealist movements is the imagery. Surrealism artists believe in social theorist Karl Max. In short, the surrealist lived in a theoretical world.

Surrealism classic period

The father of surrealism Andre Breton wrote Surrealist manifestos from 1924-1929.  Andre believed that the artist needed to express their thoughts freely without societal rules or influence from the outside world. A surrealist Sigmund Freud, in his book The Interpretation of Dreams, legitimizes importance of dreams in revealing human desires and emotions. As a surrealist, Freud uses art to depict things you only visualize in dreams and imaginations. Nevertheless, Salvador Dali is an artist to remember with the mention of surrealism. Unlike other forms of art, surrealism introduces freethinking artistic concepts.

The artists who were hoping for change used surrealism as a tool against the world wars. Surrealism stems out of imagination rather than thought. The artist paintings hoped to have a greater impact in different fields such as politics, fashion designer, and psychology. The fact is surrealism co-opts fashion. Surrealism was hostile to the traditions of academic art values. The surreal way of opposition was a philosophy that is more creative.

Salvador Dali paintings often used shocking imagery. Perhaps unsurprisingly, surrealism artists’ succinct profiles were stronger than their art. The surrealism movement is not only a movement but also a way of life.

Surreal Arts

Surrealism artist wanted to show what was on their minds with regard to sexuality and violence of which they felt repressed. For instance, the Magritte presented his masterpieces in a questioning manner. The Beatles logo got inspiration from Magritte’s 1966 painting. Surrealism uses symbols to express ideas, emotions, or events example a smile as a symbol of happiness. Some of the golden age surrealists include Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, Magritte, and Max Ernst.

Surreal artists assemble different elements to make an artwork, for instance, Max Ernst’s The Hat Makes The Man.

Contemporary surreal artists like Glenn Brown continue the legacy of surrealism drawing works that depicts dreams. In contemporary surreal, artists employ various techniques to illustrate the mind of the artist. Like their predecessors, a contemporary surreal artist Waone from Ukraine gets his inspiration from the surrealist painters. Waone’s artistic work is a product of fantasy on canvases and acrylic. All in all, surrealism uses a language of symbols and automatism in the works.  With the advent of digital age, surrealist can create more interesting surreal in the areas of web design, music, and animations.


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